Castillo de Santa Florentina; a real castle in Spain

Castillo de Santa Florentina; a real castle in SpainAs one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions, Barcelona is a terrific place to buy property. Choose the right location and close to proximity to one of Europe’s greatest cities, plus a wide choice of fabulous beaches, can be yours.

Now add to this appealing mixture a castle of almost phantasmagorical attractiveness with a history that stretches back to Roman times and grounds that encompass exquisite gardens and a private vineyard and you are well on the way to describing the perfect property.

The Castillo de Santa Florentina–Casa Nova offers not just a fabulously expansive and comfortable lifestyle, but a pedigree that not many other historical buildings can match. King Alfonso XIII stayed here in 1908 and it has been mentioned in the influential publication, Architectural Digest, as one of its ‘Most Beautiful Homes in the World’. It certainly lives up to its name, with an entrance hall that sets the tone for the whole house; the sense of space, the enormous chandeliers and magnificent stone features surrounding the fireplace lending this room a feeling of ‘olde worlde’ grandeur.

Castillo de Santa Florentina; the magnificent hall

The current appearance of the Castillo de Santa Florentina can be attributed to one of the more recent lords of the manor, Ramón Montaner, who employed the services of his cousin, the famed architect Lluis Domènech i Montaner, to transform the stern old castle into a country residence fit for a king. As experts of interior design will quickly realise, the building’s myriad neo-medieval touches date specifically from the late 19th century and reflect the traditions being adopted throughout Europe.

Apart from the magnificent living and sleeping areas in the main house, this property also includes a caretaker’s house complete with four bedrooms and two bathrooms that would make perfect guest accommodation.

The castle stands in beautifully maintained gardens, which surround the relaxing pool area. A stable block will encourage the castle’s new owners to enjoy the surrounding countryside on horseback, while the vineyards offer a moneymaking opportunity for lovers of fine wine.

If you’ve been looking for a large slice of the Spanish good life, then the Castillo de Santa Florentina-Casa Nova delivers on every front.

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