Cheste: title decider for Motorcycling World Championship

Cheste circuitOn 10 November, the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo in Cheste will host the race to determine two out of three motorcycle world champions.

For the 15th time and as part of the Moto3, the Circuit Ricardo Tormo will also determine the World Champion out of a trio of Spanish motorcyclists: Álex Rins, Maverick Viñales and Luis Salom. The mere five-point difference between the three is certain to create a tense yet exciting race, as the first to cross the finish line will be crowned champion.

As the premier championship, MotoGP, the race will be a close one as Marc Márquez and Jorge Lorenzo are set to give it their all, with Márquez at a slight advantage over the Majorcan racer. The Valencian circuit is no stranger to tight finishes, deciding the 2006 World Champion between Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden who competed neck and neck for the title. Hayden went on to win the championship following difficulties encountered early on by his Italian rival.

Casey StonerAs the Moto2 has already been claimed by Catalonian rider Pol Espargaró, whatever the outcome in Cheste on 10 November, one thing’s for certain: it will only be the second time in history that three Spanish riders hold the world titles.

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