Be a fashionable bookworm with A&V’s stylish accessories

A&V stylish book handbagsWhat a novel idea – excuse the pun. A&V, known for their fun, funky and above all fabulously fashionable accessories, have just released a fantastically clever range of handbags inspired by the time-honoured shape of the book.

The synthesis of the two is remarkably harmonious, with shapes that complement one another very well and lend themselves to a whole range of stylistic options and finishes. Dubbed ‘book-bags’, these wonderfully stylish handbags are the must-have accompaniment to your wardrobe this season – not just stylish and fun but also inspired by the thoughts, emotions and the human story told through books of all kinds.

Handcrafted in suede, they come in an appealing range of colours and authors, allowing you to pick not only the right shade for you but also your favourite writer. From Proust and Shakespeare to Jean-Paul Sartre and Tolstoy, the choice of writer says as much about you as your apparel – but in a different way, allowing you to express style and exuberance as well as a more intellectual side to the fashion experience.

Fun, whimsical and beautifully designed, these clever design statements are becoming signature items with a growing following of fashion-conscious ladies for whom this style of clever chic is just the thing. We like the idea and we love the looks, not to mention the fact that these are exclusive items in the true sense of the word – well crafted and not mass-produced.

A&V fashion accessories Book HandbagsShow your wisdom this season and opt for the refinement of an ‘intellectual fashion’ that draws on the inspired ideas and ideals from the world’s greatest literary treasures. Indeed, these little treasures are equally at home at a meeting, a party, a night out on the town or, dare we say it, a visit to the library!

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Did you like this article?

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