Relax – The Mercado de Colón, Valencia

View of the Mercado de ColónOnce a bustling and vibrant market place selling all manner of fruit, vegetables and meat products, the Mercado de Colón has been magnificently transformed, now providing a relaxed yet vibrant meeting place for the elegant, well-dressed residents of Colón.

A personal favourite of those of us in the office, it is perfectly nestled amongst the exclusive boutique lined streets between the Calle Colón and the emblematic Gran Vía Marqués de Turia and not to mention just a few steps away from Rimontgó’s Valencia office. It has very quickly and effortlessly become the social centre of this fabulous neighbourhood offering a beautiful and chic backdrop for a relaxed coffee, a spot of lunch or a lively catch-up with friends.

What´s more, the Mercado de Colón has emerged as a cultural centre point of this stylish area, offering regular concerts and exhibitions in addition to the traditional market offerings such as flowers, seasonal stalls and local arts and crafts all suavely distributed over three spacious levels.

With an imposing elegance, its historic and grand design effortlessly takes advantage of its surroundings by providing an extremely light and airy space right in the busy heart of the city. From its entrance on the Calle Jorge Juan, exquisite tiles illustrate traditional artisanal country scenes whilst the entrance on Calle Conde de Salvatierra similarly impresses but in a more subtle manner.

As you’d expect, here at Rimontgó we have a great selection of properties in this highly-sought after and refined area in the centre of Valencia within walking distance to this fabulous landmark.

See an exclusive selection of properties in the Colón area:

V849 – Attractive modern living combined with classical elegance

V748 – Fantastic modern property in the heart of Valencia

V884 – Tastefully renovated classic 5-bedroom home in a peaceful location

If these don´t take your fancy, take a look at our luxury apartments in the centre of Valencia.

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Did you like this article?

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