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Vitae, the legacy of Zaha Hadid in Porcelanosa

The Vitae bathroom collection, a work by Zaha Hadid for Noken (a brand of Porcelanosa), dazzles at iSaloni, after winning the iNovo Award for best design.

Valencia – the new City of Silk

Named 2016's City of Silk, Valencia is aiming to evoke memories of its historic status as a major player in the industry.

Valencia celebrates the importance of Ignacio Pinazo’s work

On the occasion of the centenary of the Valencian painter Ignacio Pinazo's death, Valencia has organised activities and exhibitions relating to his work.

Montgó, a year in photos

"Montgó, la mirada eterna", an exhibition with wonderful photographs of Montgó, created by Jake Abbott and Jean Fleche, members of the Pelut i Pelat studio.

The Pantera Tournament brings rugby to younger children

On the 4th and 5th of June the Pantera tournament will take place in Valencia, a competion that promotes playing rugby, especially amongst younger children.

Porcelanosa rewards the Valencian studio Sanahuja & Partners

The Sanahuja & Partners studio awarded in the latest edition of the Porcelanosa Prizes for their reformation project of Alcossebre's Paseo Vista Alegre.

L’Antic Colonial opens it’s hotel doors

Porcelanosa and the Fran Silvestre architect studio once again collaborate in the creation of a two bedroom hotel for the L'Antic Colonial showroom.

Scuba diving in Jávea, an activity for the whole family

Jávea offers 25 km of coast where you can snorkel or scuba dive and discover its plethora of marine flora and fauna, as well as its beautiful bays.

Jávea is immersed in folk and rock

Next month in May the folk and rock music festivals Xàbia Folk and MontgóRock will take place in the Valencian town of Jávea.

Valencia’s Oceanographic strengthens its animal attraction

Valencia's Oceanographic, the largest aquarium in Europe, reopens its doors after its remodelling to welcome new species and habitats.

Enrique Loewe looks over the history of the prestigious luxury firm in Valencia

On the 25th February, Enrique Loewe will speak at the CECOVAL headquarters in Valencia about the history of the prestigious fashion firm of which he is Chairman of.

VIPS 70, remembering icons of Valencian architecture

The IVAM has recently hosted the book launch of VIPS 70, which talks about the rise in Valencia, during the seventies, of a new type of residential building due to renewed social needs.

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