What is the weather going to be like tomorrow?

Throughout the year this is a question that most of us ask at least once a day. Whether we need to find out if we should carry an umbrella on a winter day or, during the summer, how few clothes we need to wear, the chances are that at least part of the reason that we turn on the radio or television in the morning is to find reliable meteorological information.

If you live in Jávea, there is a good chance that you have relied on the scientific research of Meteoxabia at least once. This is the pseudonym of Antonio Bolufer Ribes, whose mission in life is to predict the area’s climactic vagaries with as much accuracy as possible. While Antonio is watching the skies – and gathering information with the help of some cunning computer software – residents of Jávea can rest assured that they will be the first to hear of any alarming changes in the weather.

Antonio’s Meteoxabia website and Facebook page is constantly inundated with questions and opinions from weather anoraks from all over the world and he enjoys sharing information and offering advice to his many internet fans and friends. Illustrating his pages with photographs of weather conditions and cloud formations, Antonio is an excellent source of meteorological knowledge; if you failed to concentrate during geography lessons at school he provides the perfect way of catching up.

While the older methods of collecting and collating information, such as the small outdoor weather station, still have their place, weather obsessives can now call on a whole range of more up to date, computer-based toys. As Antonio confirms, this is a hobby that lasts a lifetime but the changes that occur are initiated by technological developments. Starting out with a simple rain gauge, he now uses the same computer software on which government-run meteorological departments rely.

Maybe he doesn’t wear a strange costume but, like Batman, Superman and Spiderman, Antonio Bolufer Ribes – Meteoxabia does his best to help the citizens of his town to avoid perilous conditions.