Kitesurfing on the spanish coastIf this is true then kitesurfing may be exactly the way to go. Also known as kiteboarding, this is an extreme sport that is gaining popularity across the globe.

If you’re curious to hear a bit more about kitesurfing, look no further, but beware – I don’t claim to be an expert!  This sport has been described as a combination of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding and gymnastics, which is a lot to pack into one sport!  The surfer uses a board, with no foot-straps or binding, attached to a kite to propel themselves across the water.  Any large open body of water with good steady winds of about 10 to 35+ knots is suitable for kitesurfing.  It usually takes place off the beach but can be enjoyed on lakes and other bodies of water, as long as they are big enough.  As the sport relies on the right weather conditions, certain locations tend to become kitesurfing “hot-spots”.

The most popular kitesurfing centre in Spain is Tarifa, Cadiz and it is often considered to be the European capital for the sport.  Tarifa offers some of the best conditions for all year round kitesurfing because of its constant strong winds and its proximity to Africa.  Many pro-boarders decide to take advantage of this favourable weather as well as the lifestyle offered in Tarifa and make it their home.  The Canary Islands are also very popular with kiteboarders with the PKRA World Kite Tour visiting on more than one occasion this year.

There have been a number of records set by kiteboarders for speed and also distance; in 2010 a record speed of 55.65 knots was set for speed on water powered by wind and in the same year records were set for distances travelled with one boarder covering a distance of 240km in nine hours and thirty minutes, and another travelling 2,000 kilometres over 23 days.

Valencia has a few places that offer courses for reasonable prices, one of them being Oliva Surf  who have a number of different packages that should be able to suit anyone, from a three hour session to nine hours spread across a number of days.  They also teach windsurfing and catamaran sailing and have a bar, a restaurant and some apartments so that you’re all set for an enjoyable visit.