Rhinoceros runs free in Valencia's BioparcPerhaps less publicised than the likes of Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences, the city’s Bioparc is equally as worth visiting. Since its opening in 2008, the extraordinary zoo has become one of the most exciting attractions in Valencia, as well as one of the most innovative zoological parks in the whole of Europe. The project covers over 100,000 square metres of parkland and is home to 4,000 animals, which roam free as if in the wild.

The brand new park, which is located in Valencia’s Turia riverbed, is unlike any other in its ethos, immersing visitors into the animals’ habitat and not vice versa. It feels more like a safari than a trip to the zoo as railings and cages are practically invisible, rivers and streams often being all that separate visitors from the wildlife. Some areas, such as the lemur exhibit, are completely open and the animals run free in exhilarating proximity to their human guests. This is a new concept, which the park has coined “zoo-immersion”, as visitors can experience a true-to-life replication of an eco-system whilst gaining a greater understanding of the caring conservation work which is being carried out.

There is an enormous range of animal life from 250 species, including leopards, hyenas, elephants and porcupines to name but a few. You can also view an extensive collection of African flora. For the time being, the zoo is solely dedicated to the African eco-system, however the park has plans to create a further 20,000 square metres over the next few years to include exhibitions of South-East Asia and South America.

The park is completely eco-friendly, with 95% of its water recycled and heated by the vast solar panels throughout the lush parkland.

The zoo also offers several exciting activities and programmes, such as a summer school for children, allowing kids to learn more about the fascinating creatures and plants.

Entry to the Bioparc is 20 euros, and well worth the price for such a unique experience!

For more information visit: www.conocebioparcvalencia.es