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Valencia – the new City of Silk

Named 2016’s City of Silk, Valencia is aiming to evoke memories of its historic status as a major player in the industry.

Porcelanosa rewards the Valencian studio Sanahuja & Partners

The Sanahuja & Partners studio awarded in the latest edition of the Porcelanosa Prizes for their reformation project of Alcossebre’s Paseo Vista Alegre.

L’Antic Colonial opens it’s hotel doors

Porcelanosa and the Fran Silvestre architect studio once again collaborate in the creation of a two bedroom hotel for the L’Antic Colonial showroom.

VIPS 70, remembering icons of Valencian architecture

The IVAM has recently hosted the book launch of VIPS 70, which talks about the rise in Valencia, during the seventies, of a new type of residential building due to renewed social needs.

Valencia Disseny Week: the Valencian design showcase

From the 1st to the 5th of February, Valencia welcomes the “Valencia Disseny Week”, a way to know more about the world of design

Cersaie holds the presentation of Porcelanosa’s new luxury collection

The latest Cersaie International Exhibition brought about the new concept Premium Collection as part of Porcelanosa’s global communications strategy.

Fifth Avenue will harbour Porcelanosa Grupo, after the summer period

The inauguration of Porcelanosa Grupo’s new branch on Fifth Avenue, in New York, plays a vital role in the brand’s internationalisation.

Madrid reclaims the historic memory of Lladró

A new exhibition in Madrid of key pieces from the history of Lladró will shed light on the background of this exceptional Valencian company.

Design in the heart of Valencia

Highly successful design trade fair returns to Valencia for a second year, offering a fantastic arrange of events and exhibitions.

The economic impact of IKEA’s arrival in Valencia

After a long period of time, the multinational furniture company, IKEA, has, for the first time, reached the Autonomous Community of Valencia. The chosen location has been the municipality of Alfafar, a few kilometres away from the city of Valencia, and this decision ties in with the area’s tradition with the furniture industry.

Valencia Celebrates 30th Birthday of Iconic Pink Fountain

Mislata-born Miquel Navarro, a Valencian artist with his own exhibition at Valencia’s modern art museum (IVAM), is the man behind the sculpture ‘La Fuente Pública’, or ‘The Public Fountain’. Seen as a city icon, this year Valencia celebrates the 30th birthday of this emblematic sculpture. Any tourist or visitor who asks a local Valencian what the official name of the sculpture is may be surprised to find that there is hardly anyone who actually knows the official title.

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