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Germán Bordils: when Art meets Gastronomy

In November, Germán Bordils hosted a gastronomical exhibit where his olive oil was the star of the show in Finca Heredad del Campillo.

Jávea demonstrates the gastronomic potential of the Mediterranean

Fifth “Xàbia al Plat Mariner” gastronomy exhibition held in Jávea, showcasing the seafood used in some of the area’s most celebrated dishes.

When design fuses with food

On 20th October Valencia’s Centro del Carmen will host the ‘Tapas’ exhibition, a display of different objects showing the relationship between design and food.

Dacosta-Porcelanosa: a partnership based on creativity

The Valencian chef Quique Dacosta has joined forces again with Porcelanosa to create Studio de Creatividad, a space dedicated to food research.

Design and gastronomy, the perfect bite

Diseño al plato brings together designers, chefs and artisans to look at the artistic side of gastronomy as part of Valencia Disseny Week.

Chinese families celebrate Moon Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival: Find out why today is such an important date in the Chinese calendar.

Sixty Valencian restaurants show the public the best of its gastronomy

Since 2009, a distinguished selection of Valencia’s best restaurants offers attractive menus, at a more than affordable price, thanks to a new initiative funded by Turismo Valencia. The Valencia Cuina Oberta- Restaurant Week, under which name this popular initiative is known, will this year take place between 20 and 29 June. By making reservation on its website, users will be able to access a wide selection of taster menus for 20 euros (lunch) and 30 euros (dinner).

Casa Manolo triumphs at Dénia’s Gamba Roja Creative Cooking contest

Manuel Alonso, chef at the Casa Manolo restaurant located in the town of Daimús, was declared winner of the final round of the Third Dénia Red Prawn Creative Cooking contest (III Concurso de Cocina Creativa de Gamba Roja de Dénia), organised by the Dénia Town Council Tourist Department.

The fantastic Alborada rightfully retains its Michelin star for 2014

The city of A Coruña is bursting with a wide range of popular, authentic, traditional and up and coming restaurants, and there is certainly no shortage of delicious eateries in town. But the one that tops all the polls consistently and never fails to disappoint is the renowned Alborada, which has been awarded a much-coveted Michelin star for the fourth year running.

The Galician kitchen – perfect winter food!

We’ve heard a lot about the bounty of the Basque kitchen in recent years, but Galicia is every bit as blessed with a veritable cornucopia of gorgeous ingredients that form the basis of an honest but delicious culinary tradition. From the deep blue waters off its coast comes some of the finest fish in Europe, from the rocky cliffs and coastal lagoons delicious shellfish, and from the lush green pastures, forests and fields a range of produce that includes first class dairy products, meat, vegetables, bread and mushrooms.

Galician gooseneck barnacles

Anyone who has not tried these delicious delicacies before, would be forgiven for giving them a wide berth should you innocently stumble across them in a Galician fish market. But although percebes are often described as slightly odd looking, they are known to reduce seafood fans to a bunch of salivating shipwrecks. Those in the know say that they have a sweet lobster taste and are usually boiled and served piping hot – washed down with a glass or two of the local Galician Albariño wine, of course.

A short history of Estrella Galicia beer

Dublin has its Guinness, Granada boasts Alhambra beer, Sevilla Cruzcampo and in Málaga they brew Victoria beer. But here in Galicia, walk into any watering hole and you will come across a rather tasty beverage called Estrella Galicia (Galician Star). This pale lager is drunk in bars across Spain, with plenty more exported to markets including Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico and the United States. In fact, annual production now tops more than 100 million litres!

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