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Enrique Loewe looks over the history of the prestigious luxury firm in Valencia

On the 25th February, Enrique Loewe will speak at the CECOVAL headquarters in Valencia about the history of the prestigious fashion firm of which he is Chairman of.

Lila Delman: a prestigious track record in the Rhode Island real estate sector

Find out about Lila Delman Real Estate, an affiliate of Rimontgó based in Rhode Island with a professional track record spanning more than fifty years.

Porcelanosa has new headquarters in emblematic New York building

Number 22, 5th Avenue New York, to be precise, the building Commodore Criterion, has been chosen by the Porcelanosa group for its new flagship store in Manhattan.

A Coruña – linked to the wider world

As a port city endowed with a strategic position, A Coruña has always been at a crossroads of travel and transport, yet in modern times too it finds itself at the heart of a transport and communications network that provides easy contact links with cities across Spain, Europe and the Americas.

Huesca’s hidden gem

Biniés castle is an impressive historical building located in the town of Biniés in the north of the Spanish province of Huesca, Aragón. According to medieval expert Antonio Ubieto Arteta, its origins may date back to the 9th century, even though more reliable evidence suggests that it served as a fortress in the 12th century.

So near and yet so far: Provalutur’s CEO César Herrera from the Dominican Republic

Our blog will now travel across the Atlantic to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, through César Herrera, CEO of the property company Provaltur International who specialise in the country’s luxury real estate sector as exclusive affiliates of Christie’s International Real Estate. César’s comments will not only provide us with more insight on the different aspects of private and professional life associated with the real estate sector, but will also reveal some of the most enchanting spots of the country, which forms part of the spectacular island of Hispaniola

Porcelanosa earns Valencia’s most prestigious award

On 9 October 2013, President Alberto Fabra of the Generalitat Valenciana awarded the founders of the Valencian company Porcelanosa with the highest recognition that the autonomous Valencian government honours to businesses and professionals based in its community; la Gran Cruz de la Orden de Jaume I el Coqueridor

Welcome, Mr. Kors

The area surrounding the Calle Poeta Querol, known as the Golden Mile in the city of Valencia, will have a new resident thanks to the arrival of the American fashion and accessory brand, Michael Kors. Valencia will consequently become the fourth Spanish city (after Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella) to welcome a boutique of the brand founded in 1981.

Japan’s ‘floating trains’

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but since the Japanese were also the pioneers of the original high-speed bullet trains back in the 1960s, news of its latest generation of super-duper high-tech locomotives is not likely to be a pipedream. Indeed, Japan plans to develop a new series of trains that at 500 km/h will redefine the word ‘high speed’. What’s more, they will be ‘floating’ around on a cushion of air. At these speeds it could more aptly be called flying rather than floating, but the maglev concept behind it has been around for some time now.

LRE delegates visit Cessna’s Valencia Service Center

On the final day of Luxury Real Estate’s 7th Annual International Symposium, held in Valencia between 29-31 January and co-hosted by Rimontgó, international delegates visited the state-of-the-art facilities of Cessna’s Valencia Service Center. The impressive facility is headed up by Walter Berchtold, Cessna’s Regional Vice President of European Customer Service, and features 5,800 square metres of hangar space and 3,500 square metres of office space and professional crew facilities.

Boys and their business toys

It’s said to be the most fun you can have with your clothes on. And many petrol heads would agree that cruising to the office in one of the world’s most desirable super cars is certainly one way to turn heads.

Fuji’s FinePix X100 – forward-looking technology with retro styling

If you like your gadgetry you will want nothing but the best equipment within your budget range. When it comes to cameras this means a great lens with good zoom, viewfinder, sensor, battery, memory, display, edit functions and a long spec list of the latest digital photography technology. Normally, such a wish list of the latest and greatest is wrapped in contemporary or even futuristic bodies that feature anything from solid black and chrome to bright colour patterns for younger and female buyers.

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