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Tramontana, bespoke Spanish road racer

Think pre-war super cars and the likes of Bentley, Bugatti and Auto Union come to mind. Since then the segment has been dominated by the Italians, spoiling us with visions of vehicular testosterone as embodied by Ferrari and Lamborghini, though in more recent years small specialised British makes such as McLaren and Noble have also made a name for themselves. Fitting perhaps more in the micro-manufacturer category of Noble than the established Scuderia Ferrari, Advanced Design Tramontana is a young but very serious maker of ultra-fast, ultra-high tech and yes, very expensive racing cars. From a spotless small plant in Palau de Santa Eulalia in Girona, a little north of Barcelona, this highly specialised engineering firm started designing and manufacturing exquisite racing modern machines in 2007.

Be a fashionable bookworm with A&V’s stylish accessories

What a novel idea – excuse the pun. A&V, known for their fun, funky and above all fabulously fashionable accessories, have just released a fantastically clever range of handbags inspired by the time-honoured shape of the book.


Although there are several news-collating apps available to download on to your iPhone, it is SUMMLY that has caught our eye at Rimontgó. In the most basic terms, SUMMLY is a news browser that collates articles hitting the headlines from many different sources around the world. Then it uses clever and intuitive algorithmic technology to summarise each text, providing the reader with a useful overview to peruse before deciding whether to read the more extensive version.

Homemade horchata with Chufamix

If you’re looking for a healthy natural alternative to Coca Cola and other soda drinks, Valencia has long since had the answer. Free of added sugars, preservatives, colorants and artificial flavours, horchata is a refreshing thirst quencher made from nutrient-rich tiger nuts. This traditional summer drink is available in cafés and outdoor stalls throughout the city and region, and also found in supermarkets, but can now also be made easily and quickly at home thanks to the innovative Chufamix.

The Mini iPad unveiled

The gadget world rumour mill is whirring in overdrive following the recent launch of a new smaller version of the iPad flooding the media, internet forums and tech sites. This hotly anticipated addition to Apple’s range of tablet computers was finally launched in the second half of October, after there having been no confirmations or denials from the computing giant as to when they planned to release the new style tablet or even if they were indeed manufacturing it at all. Before his death in 2011, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was adamant that such a compromise between the iPhone and iPad was unnecessary but since then the 7-inch tablet market has exploded.

OMG – a car for kids!

Yes, it’s true, the Toyota Camatte is not for adults but kids. Although this concept car with a difference is not a classic scaled-down electric buggy but more like the real thing, functional dashboard and adjustable seats and all, its makers at Toyota see it very much as a driving toy. Meant to introduce younger people to the joys and practicalities of driving, it will therefore be launched, not at the Tokyo Motor Show, but at the Tokyo Toy Show.

America’s Mars probe is curiously Spanish

The success of the initial stage of NASA’s Mars mission has hit headlines all over the world since the Curiosity rover landed on Monday August 6th in Gale Crater. Over the next two years this strange vehicle (resembling a space age beach buggy) will range 19.3 kilometres over the crater’s surface, including Mount Sharp, which is higher than Mount Rainier, the highest peak in the United States of America. Curiosity’s landing was met with scenes of wild celebration amongst the usually impassive and serious scientists at NASA’s Pasadena Mission Control, many handing out Mars Bars to colleagues to mark the occasion, but in the midst of all this jubilation few stopped to think of Spain’s contribution.

Valencia Airport’s second terminal opens as summer visitors arrive

There is good news for visitors to Valencia; the city’s new airport terminal, work on which started in April 2010, is now open for business. Valencia’s T2 project is part of the Plan Levante, which was launched by the Ministry of Development via Aena to undertake a complete renovation and modernisation of airport facilities.

Brian Cole appointed as new Academic Dean of Berklee Valencia

It is this love of the musicality contained within every single style and region of the world that also makes Brian Cole an ideal candidate for his post at Berklee Valencia, for though it started as a jazz school this is a college renowned for its diversity of styles and its openness to cultural inputs and talent from around the globe. “In Puerto Rico we developed exchange programmes of musicians to and from other parts of the Americas, which produced a wonderful interplay of musical backgrounds that often spurned a whole new wave of creativity, and it is this kind of interaction that we want to encourage here at Berklee Valencia as well.”

Caxton College – an international centre of learning in Valencia

Founded in 1987 to provide both local and foreign students with an international education based on the British curriculum, Caxton College has gone on to become a highly recognised centre of educational excellence. Together with carefully selected staff and a philosophy aimed at quantitative and qualitative excellence, it amounts not just to a first-class education but is designed to prepare young people for entry into leading universities and colleges around the world. But the Caxton College aims to do more than simply arm its students with factual knowledge and technical skills.

New direct flights between Valencia and Moscow

Among the links already established are those that connect the likes of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Madrid and Barcelona, but naturally Spain’s third city, Valencia, could not be absent from this list, so the route was officially inaugurated with the touchdown of the first S7 Airlines jet at the Aeropuerto de Manises in Valencia on 2 June 2012. The moment marked the start of a twice-weekly direct service between Valencia and Moscow, thereby bringing a host of Russian cities within a much more convenient two-stage reach whilst opening up the region of Valencia, Alicante and the Costa Blanca to Russian businesspeople, investors, cultural visitors and tourists.

Valencia’s Berklee College of Music offers scholarships

On schedule to open its doors to postgraduate students in September, Berklee College of Music in Valencia recently announced a range of scholarships financed by some of the most illustrious names in the music industry, namely Alberto Iglesias, Howard Shore, Michel Camilo and Juan Luis Guerra.

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