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Spain’s new Foreign Minister names Jávea as meeting point


Spain’s new Foreign Minister, José Manuel García Margallo, recently visited Jávea’s City Hall and declared that the town is the ideal venue for ministerial discussions.

Liquid alchemy

Chateau Rochebelle wine

In the Middle Ages some of the greatest minds concerned themselves with the lifelong pursuit of turning base metals into gold. While the answer to that one has not yet been found, leading oenologists are the alchemists of our times – creating the ‘Nectar of the Gods’ out of the soil of south-western France.
The southwest of France is an area with one of the most prestigious traditions of any winegrowing region in the world. Wine has been produced here since classical times, and its vintages have long since counted among the very best in the world. Names such as Chateau Rochebelle, Chateau Latour and Chateau Lafitte Rothschild are internationally revered and add a distinctly aristocratic air to this region. Representative of the very finest quality and refinement, they personify the concept of wine both as a tradition and as an art.

Fermax, A Spanish brand of excellence

Fermax billboards

There are many well-known Spanish brands that have earned a reputation on the world stage, but among these Fermax stands out as an international brand of excellence noted not only for its technological innovation and advanced design, but also as a successful family-owned business run along sound business principles.

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