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So near and yet so far: Provalutur’s CEO César Herrera from the Dominican Republic

Our blog will now travel across the Atlantic to the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, through César Herrera, CEO of the property company Provaltur International who specialise in the country’s luxury real estate sector as exclusive affiliates of Christie’s International Real Estate. César’s comments will not only provide us with more insight on the different aspects of private and professional life associated with the real estate sector, but will also reveal some of the most enchanting spots of the country, which forms part of the spectacular island of Hispaniola

Former champion brings world-class cycling to Jávea

Over the next few months, the world’s greatest cycling is due to arrive in Jávea, Alicante, thanks to an initiative to introduce cycling to this area of the Costa Blanca by none other than world champion Johan Museeuw.

Welcome, Mr. Kors

The area surrounding the Calle Poeta Querol, known as the Golden Mile in the city of Valencia, will have a new resident thanks to the arrival of the American fashion and accessory brand, Michael Kors. Valencia will consequently become the fourth Spanish city (after Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella) to welcome a boutique of the brand founded in 1981.

A superb combination of design and craftsmanship: a showcase of the vital collaboration between artesans and designers

Until the 17 November, the ‘Centro de Artesanía de la Comunidad Valencia’, Valencia’s craftsmanship centre, will hold the exhibition entitled ‘Retorno del sentimiento’, the ‘rediscovery of feeling’; a showcase which combines 30 pieces designed by students of the Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development course at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and made by craftsmen of different fields such as ceramics, ironwork, glass, textiles and wood.

Shiro Kuramata: East meets West

Until 10 July, the Aram Gallery in London is showcasing a collection of pieces by Japanese designer Shiro Kuramata. The designs each exude an appreciation of the value of decorative traditional Japanese art, an interest for Western art and design, as well as the simplicity and purity of shapes derived from contemporary Japanese design, which itself draws inspiration from the ”form follows function” principle.

Art Basel opens its doors

The premier contemporary art show opens its door from today until 16th June, presenting more than 300 galleries from all over the world and bringing together 4000 artists who range from the up-and-coming to the acclaimed. This latest edition in the Swiss city of Basel, which commences just a short time after the end of its new show in Hong Kong, unites works from different sectors of the art world including paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos and installations.

The most expensive penthouse in the world?

The principality of Monaco is the ideal setting for the construction of the Odeon Tower – a building in which the last five floors will be occupied by a luxury apartment. Crowned with a spectacular circular swimming pool that will offer breathtaking panoramic views, the interiors of the penthouse are the vision of interior designer Alberto Pinto.

Japan’s ‘floating trains’

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but since the Japanese were also the pioneers of the original high-speed bullet trains back in the 1960s, news of its latest generation of super-duper high-tech locomotives is not likely to be a pipedream. Indeed, Japan plans to develop a new series of trains that at 500 km/h will redefine the word ‘high speed’. What’s more, they will be ‘floating’ around on a cushion of air. At these speeds it could more aptly be called flying rather than floating, but the maglev concept behind it has been around for some time now.

Luxury Real Estate International Symposium 2013 comes to Valencia

Luxury Real Estate (LRE), one of the world’s leading international networks of real estate professionals, will be holding its LRE International Symposium in Valencia this year from Tuesday 29 to Thursday 31 January. Acting as host will be Inmobiliaria Rimontgó, one of the organisation’s longstanding members. As a Valencia-based company, they will be welcoming a large contingent of prominent real estate firms from across North America, Europe and also the Far East – as well as an impressive list of speakers and delegates from across a wide range of business sectors, educational institutions and levels of local government.

Happy Birthday King Juan Carlos I

King Juan Carlos I of Spain celebrated his 75th birthday at the beginning of January. 2012 was, to quote a British Royal commenting on her own experiences in 1992, an annus horribilis for the Spanish King, but despite controversy and criticism, the Spanish Royal Family is still much admired by Europeans and others from around the world.


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Porcelanosa goes to Hollywood

One of Spain’s most popular exports opened a brand new American store recently and attracted some big-name locals interested in what this iconic company has to offer. Of course, the new outlet being in Beverly Hills meant that the visitors were rather more famous than usual and included George Clooney, Cindy Crawford and Isabel Preysler.Although Porcelanosa Group first entered the American market in 1986, the new LA branch sets a benchmark in glossy presentation for this Spanish success story. The Beverly Hills store occupies a total surface area of 850m2 and will feature products from the eight brands offered by the company.

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