Interviews with celebrated or relevant people

Alfredo Argilés, an eye for detail

As the leading gastronomy writer and food critic in the region, Alfredo Argilés proves once again that the pen is a formidable weapon. His carefully weighed opinions are read by thousands of discerning diners, making him a man both revered and feared by restaurant owners and chefs whose success rests on the strength of their reputation. “It’s not quite as bad as all that,” insists the affable expert. “I only give harsh reviews to those who really set themselves up to be measured among the very best – and fall short.” Others are measured not against the highest yardsticks but judged within their own segment, ensuring that the verdict is always proportionate to the establishment he critiques. “If the truth be known, I’d rather not write about someone than have to say something harsh.”

The Roux – When Greatness Runs in the Family

When brothers Michel and Albert Roux, who hail from a family of French pastry makers, arrived in England back in 1971 to open their first restaurant – the now-legendary Le Gavroche in London where Albert held the reigns for a couple of decades – few could have guessed the influence the pair would go on to have over British high-end cuisine. With skills to burn teamed with ample side portions of determination and business savvy, they were soon opening their second restaurant in the small village of Bray, Michel’s The Waterside Inn.

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