Four great plans to enjoy Valencia in the coming months

The year 2015 will see the thriving city of Valencia host a number of exciting events giving visitors even more reasons to come to the city.

The best plans to enjoy Christmas in Valencia

Valencia is a fantastic city to spend the Christmas holidays with the family. It offers numerous attractions which will enchant the young and old.

Warhol helps Christie’s to a new sales record

A new sales record has been achieved by the auction house, Christie’s, helped by the sale of three works by renowned pop artist, Andy Warhol.

RIVA: at home on the lakes

Born on the shores of the Lago d’Iseo in northern Italy, Riva is today renowned for its sleek and powerful motor yachts. To have one of these impressive floating palaces at harbour in San Remo, Monaco, Puerto Banús, Ibiza or Porto Cervo remains a dream for oil sheiks and business tycoons alike, but the origins – and true spirit – of Riva lie not in the Mediterranean but in the paradisiacal lakes on the doorstep of the Alps.

Chinese nationals celebrate the 65th anniversary of the proclamation of the People’s Republic

October 1 marks the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Learn how this day is celebrated in China and all over the world.

Lila Delman: a prestigious track record in the Rhode Island real estate sector

Find out about Lila Delman Real Estate, an affiliate of Rimontgó based in Rhode Island with a professional track record spanning more than fifty years.

The return of the Gentleman

Kissing hand – GentlemanThere was a time when a gentleman was the ultimate form of male humanity. If such a personage was also a bit of a dab hand at war, sports and the seducing of ladies, well so much the better. But it was the more serious characteristics of a gentleman that earned the greatest respect, making qualities such as good manners, refinement in look and intellect, a strong moral code and steadfast reliability the marks that made the man. You could rely on a real gentleman, and as the refined form of a ‘real man’ he was not confused about his gender role, but strong, resolute and also gentle and respectful towards women.

Take a different route: geting away, a whole new meaning

For so long now we have associated travel with sea, sun, sightseeing, pampering and generally making a nuisance of ourselves that it’s hardly a wonder that tourists are not the most beloved of people around the world. Instead of the conventional seaside hotel, country getaway or city tour we sought to find modern-day travel inspiration along a different route – one that approached the tourist experience from a novel perspective.

Chinese families celebrate Moon Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival: Find out why today is such an important date in the Chinese calendar.

Art on wheels: Málaga Car Museum

The Museo Automovilístico de Málaga, opened in 2010, is one of the latest in a series of new cultural offerings in the city. Indeed, cultural, because this tastefully presented collection is not so much a petrol head’s paradise as a museum dedicated to art on wheels.

Places worth escaping to…

In a world of luxury hotels, designer destinations and opulent resorts there are places that still conjure up the sense of perfect escape. The collection of Welcome Beyond offers a series of seductive options that redefine the concept of destination.

Valencia on your mobile

Together with the Fundación InnDEA, the city council of Valencia has recently released a new application for Android and IOS, which offers various functions, as well as an abundance information about points of interest for citizens, in relation to the city of Valencia.

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