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What’s on in Jávea – February 2013

Jávea’s tourist office and town hall organise a real plethora of events throughout the year, and there’s always something for everyone. February’s calendar is no exception with lots on to interest visitors and residents of all ages and nationalities.

Tramontana, bespoke Spanish road racer

Think pre-war super cars and the likes of Bentley, Bugatti and Auto Union come to mind. Since then the segment has been dominated by the Italians, spoiling us with visions of vehicular testosterone as embodied by Ferrari and Lamborghini, though in more recent years small specialised British makes such as McLaren and Noble have also made a name for themselves. Fitting perhaps more in the micro-manufacturer category of Noble than the established Scuderia Ferrari, Advanced Design Tramontana is a young but very serious maker of ultra-fast, ultra-high tech and yes, very expensive racing cars. From a spotless small plant in Palau de Santa Eulalia in Girona, a little north of Barcelona, this highly specialised engineering firm started designing and manufacturing exquisite racing modern machines in 2007.

Jávea golf

Jávea is perhaps better known for its beaches, its marina and its water sports, not to mention some of the best hiking trails in eastern Spain, but it is also the home of the Club de Golf Jávea, a fine 9-hole course with a longstanding tradition in the gentleman’s game.

Juan Carlos Ferrero bids farewell to professional tennis at the 10th anniversary of the Valencia Open 500

It’s that time again, the Open 500 is coming to Valencia and does so in a very emotional way, as one of Valencia’s tennis legends, who became world number one not long ago, is retiring. It feels like only yesterday that he started playing, but in fact the Onteniente player has been playing professionally for a whopping 14 years and unfortunately the time has now come to hang up his boots. As well as being the last chance to see Ferrero play professionally, this Open 500 boasts an exceptional line-up, featuring no less than four of the top ten players in the ATP rankings.

2012’s Ryder Cup showcases Spain’s addiction to golf

In the end it was a stunning victory, but those of a nervous disposition can surely not have enjoyed the 2012 Ryder Cup. Sports fans who could bring themselves to uncover their eyes on the competition’s final day will have witnessed one of the greatest comebacks in the sport’s long history. The Europeans had fared almost comically badly, Rory McIlroy misreading the time on his mobile phone and as a result nearly missing his Sunday tee-off time.

Aspar Racing Team announces new line-up for 2013

Power Electronics Aspar, Valencia’s own Moto GP team, is looking confidently towards the 2013 season with the announcement of its new line-up for the coming year. The team will be very pleased to hold on to leading men Randy de Puniet and Aleix Espargaró, whose healthy rivalry sees them just two points apart in the battle for 12th place and the title for the leading Privateer rider. Randy started the season well and sped ahead of his teammate, but in recent races Aleix Espargaró has been catching up, setting us up for an exciting showdown to another successful season.

David Ferrer: a golden year for Jávea’s golden boy

We tennis fans all love a good story of a new young talent arriving on the scene and shaking off beginner’s nerves to dominate the game. This was certainly the case when young Rafa Nadal arrived on the scene some years ago with all guns blazing, but sometimes it is equally rewarding when a player who has been around for some years undergoes a renaissance that reminds us of his extraordinary talent. This has certainly been the case with David Ferrer, who turned 30 this year, but has nonetheless experienced the kind of charmed year that would make much younger players green with envy.

Getting Wet with Google Earth

In a relatively short time, Google Earth has become an invaluable tool for education, aid organisations, corporations and individuals. But until relatively recently, only information pertaining to what rose up from the earth was available. Then came the Google Ocean feature.
Google Ocean opened up a whole new world to those interested in what lay hidden below the surface of the water that covers, after all, more than 71% of the earth. Top scientists and oceanographers were invited to submit information on the bathymetry beneath the ocean waves and major lakes across the globe. Over the last few months, the accuracy and clarity of the underwater images has been improved to such an extent that Google now offers a Seafloor Tour!

Play Tennis with David Ferrer

The tennis ball machines will be firing at full speed this weekend when the David Ferrer Tennis Academy serves up its exclusive clinic, starting at 11am on Saturday 21st July.
Jávea born tennis champion, David Ferrer, is currently enjoying the best season of his career to date. Ranked number 5 in the world, this clay court specialist has already won five 2012 titles in New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Runners’ Jávea

Whatever your preferred running surface, the lively town of Jávea has got somewhere just for you. The seafront promenade, quiet streets, rugged mountain paths, sandy and shingle beaches are all popular with amblers, speed walkers, joggers and runners at any level of fitness and expertise.
In fact, Jávea is now so renowned for its running locations that it is fast becoming a specialist runner’s destination. Companies such as Run in the Sun offer warm weather fitness break weekends, trail running, endurance training and marathon preparation to runners of all standards from novice to expert, although most of their clientele are training for the London, Paris or Berlin marathons. If that doesn’t speak volumes for the quality of running locations in Jávea, we’re not sure what will.

Formula One stays in Valencia

For a while it seemed that both the Spanish Grand Prix, held at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, and the European Grand Prix raced through the streets of Valencia were in danger. Stringent budget cuts in the face of the financial crisis put both races in jeopardy, so it was good news when a compromise was reached that will see Barcelona and Valencia host the Spanish Grand Prix in alternating years.

Major International Sailing Regatta comes to Jávea

Club Náutica Jávea has released details of the Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy Match Race, a major international sailing regatta. The regatta is set to take place along Jávea’s coast from Wednesday 28th March to Sunday 1st April, starting at 11am each day. World-renowned sailors such as Björn Hansen and Keith Swinton will be in Jávea to participate in the five-day event.

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