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A Coruña from above

Amongst the many popular tourist attractions and ‘must see’ places to visit in the city of A Coruña, the one topping most travel charts year in year out is the panoramic glass lift that offers extraordinary views over the whole city, skyline and horizon. It provides a unique way to see the city and its surroundings from an entirely different angle and can be both a peaceful and reflective observation spot as well as a fun and exciting trip for children and families.

Celtic sounds of Galicia

What makes A Coruña so intriguing and fascinating are not just the fabulous vistas and stunning landscape, but the character and charm of a city steeped in history and tradition, and unlike anywhere else.

Valencia’s unique Bioparc zoo celebrates 6th anniversary

Bioparc, the next generation of zoo situated in the city of Valencia, recently celebrated its 6th birthday. Centred about the philosophy of zoo immersion, Bioparc Valencia enables visitors to integrate into wild habitats such as the African savannah, the wetlands, Madagascar and equatorial forests, all the while avoiding the use of physical and visual barriers usually present in other zoos around the world. This unique setup creates a feeling of seamless continuity between the various habitats as well as the space shared between the animals and the visiting public.

Rias, Galicia’s very own lagoons

Anyone familiar with Galicia’s wines will have spotted the name Ria on bottles of its famous young white Albariños. Like the closely related word rio they denote a natural water feature – but one a little more unusual than a mere river.

Termaria Casa del Agua, a veritable urban oasis

Termaria Casa del Agua is one of Europe’s largest water leisure centres and it’s situated right here, in the centre of A Coruña. This fabulous space is a veritable urban oasis, housing the city’s largest thalassotherapy centre, an Olympic sized swimming pool, treatment rooms, a fitness centre and indoor as well as outdoor relaxation spaces.

Citania, A Coruña – On your doorstep – part 2

In an earlier article we looked at the many things that are right on the doorstep of the luxury apartment residence of Citania – focusing purely on what lies within a few hundred metres walk along the Enseada do Orzán, or Bay of Orzán.

The Galician kitchen – perfect winter food!

We’ve heard a lot about the bounty of the Basque kitchen in recent years, but Galicia is every bit as blessed with a veritable cornucopia of gorgeous ingredients that form the basis of an honest but delicious culinary tradition. From the deep blue waters off its coast comes some of the finest fish in Europe, from the rocky cliffs and coastal lagoons delicious shellfish, and from the lush green pastures, forests and fields a range of produce that includes first class dairy products, meat, vegetables, bread and mushrooms.

A Coruña: More than just a Port of Call

A Coruña’s location on the northwestern tip of the Iberian Peninsula makes it an ideal port of call for cruise ships travelling between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. So much so that over the past few years it has become an increasingly popular cruise destination in its own right, with most cruise lines now including this fair city in their itinerary, be they on European routes or transatlantic cruises to and from the Americas.

Galicia’s Costa da Morte

It’s a curious fact that in Mediterranean Spain the locals call their coasts Costa del Sol (Sun Coast) or Costa Blanca (White Coast) that are designed to appeal to savvy, sun-seeking tourists, while Galicia features a coastline with a rather more grizzly but intriguing name – Costa da Morte (Coast of Death). But fear not intrepid traveller. For while it is fair to say that its name is unlikely to conjure up images of fine beaches and a stunning shoreline, this largely unspoilt coast is everything but as foreboding as the name suggests.

Valencia’s city sights as seen by Google

Sightsmap is Google’s latest app which enables users to discover cities’ hotspots and the world’s most visited places via photos uploaded by Panoramio users. This innovative application combines these photos with Wikipedia and FourSquare to compile a complete multi-coloured infographic displaying the most photographed sights around the world. This Google-designed infographic locates these uploaded images via geolocation, resulting in an ever-changing virtual world map that updates every minute.

Gallegos around the world

Now there are Spaniards and there are Galicians, or Gallegos. Known as Galegos in the local tongue, people from Galicia are Spaniards by nationality, yet not all Spaniards are Galician. To make matters even more confusing, nationalities such as the Argentineans have a habit of saying Gallegos when referring to Spaniards in general.

Valencia hosts futuristic film set in the City of Arts and Sciences

The iconic City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia (Umbracle, the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, Hemisfèric and the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía), a complex of impressive buildings designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, is due to host towards the end of this month the set of ‘Tomorrowland’, a science fiction film starring actors George Clooney and Hugh Laurie. Produced by Disney, this blockbuster film takes its name from one of the theme park’s attractions and is directed by Brad Bird, also director of Oscar-winning ‘The Incredibles’ and the last film of the ‘Mission Impossible’ series starring Tom Cruise.

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