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A rhapsody for the senses

Handmade by an elite workforce capable of combining exquisite carpentry with the painstaking workmanship and tonal dedication required of this product, the piano has as illustrious a history as the compositions to which it gives life and spirit.

Her Majesty, Queen Mary 2

The queen is dead, long live the queen. With the sad demise of the lovely Queen Elizabeth II comes the realisation that the new ‘Queen of the Seas’ is even lovelier. The halcyon days of transatlantic voyages may be hard to recall, but if you’re a lover of cruise ships these are pretty good times too. Driven by the popularity of cruise holidays in North America, the global revival of these sleek and elegant liners has brought about a building spree not seen since the 1950s.

Empire of the senses

Though its origins go back to the very birth of civilisation, the enduring popularity of the spa reflects a deep-seated human need for pampering and relaxation. In the days of the Greek and Roman Empires the spa was valued as a place where citizens could gather to cleanse and socialise. Such public places evolved over time, taking in elements of distant cultures as they gradually became luxuriant havens of sweet pampering indulgence and relaxation.

Philippe Starck – The world re-imagined

For over 30 years, Philippe Starck has been defying the boundaries of imagination and creativity, redefining shapes, textures, materials and the way we use space. A leading figure of the New Design movement, his name ranks along the likes of Raymond Loewy, Henry Dreyfus and Christian Dior of influential designers who helped shape the post-war era. But Starck’s influence continues into the 21st century, where he stands amongst Jean-Paul Gaultier and Damien Hirst as the pioneer of a new era.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower – Modern opulence in the heart of London

Jumeirah Carlton Tower, the five-star deluxe hotel voted one of the UK’s Top 5 Business Hotels by Condé Nast in its Traveller Reader Awards finds itself within the very essence of Knightsbridge, where sophisticated eateries, grand boutiques and the likes of Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols, Chanel and Prada raise refinement to new levels of enjoyment.

Giorgetti – When architects design furniture

The Giorgetti Company is an exclusive manufacturer of finely crafted furniture in the finest of Italian tradition. Founded in 1898 in the little northern Italian town of Meda, this family business is in many ways typical of its genre, with much emphasis placed on the workmanship, design, quality and tradition that has brought forth a well-respected name, and that typifies furniture houses in this segment of the market. Company President Carlo Giorgetti says…

The Roux – When Greatness Runs in the Family

When brothers Michel and Albert Roux, who hail from a family of French pastry makers, arrived in England back in 1971 to open their first restaurant – the now-legendary Le Gavroche in London where Albert held the reigns for a couple of decades – few could have guessed the influence the pair would go on to have over British high-end cuisine. With skills to burn teamed with ample side portions of determination and business savvy, they were soon opening their second restaurant in the small village of Bray, Michel’s The Waterside Inn.

Spyker – The ultimate statement of bespoke individuality

Handmade to every individual owner’s preference, the luxurious Spyker super cars revive the grand tradition of Holland’s finest carmaker, once known as the ‘Rolls Royce of the Continent’. Spyker’s slogan seems made for Victor Muller, the man who not only revived the famous name but also ensures the new company is the embodiment of the original marque’s philosophy. For that reason, every Spyker is a bespoke, handmade work of engineering art in an age of mass-production and standardisation.

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