Information regarding Valencia’s exhibitions, festivals, regional celebrations and news

Valencia is once again the capital of photojournalism

For lovers of photography, the World Press Photo festival is not to be missed with its stunning array of photos.

Four great plans to enjoy Valencia in the coming months

The year 2015 will see the thriving city of Valencia host a number of exciting events giving visitors even more reasons to come to the city.

The best plans to enjoy Christmas in Valencia

Valencia is a fantastic city to spend the Christmas holidays with the family. It offers numerous attractions which will enchant the young and old.

A guitar hero comes to Valencia.

An authentic guitar hero. That is the only way to describe the artist Joe Satriani, an authentic legend on the guitar. On 10 July he will visit the town of Burjassot, a municipality situated only five kilometres outside of Valencia, and give what is sure to be one of the major concerts of this summer.

Sixty Valencian restaurants show the public the best of its gastronomy

Since 2009, a distinguished selection of Valencia’s best restaurants offers attractive menus, at a more than affordable price, thanks to a new initiative funded by Turismo Valencia. The Valencia Cuina Oberta- Restaurant Week, under which name this popular initiative is known, will this year take place between 20 and 29 June. By making reservation on its website, users will be able to access a wide selection of taster menus for 20 euros (lunch) and 30 euros (dinner).

Typography in international spotlight in Valencia

Between 20 and 22 June, Valencia will host 6th International Typography Congress, which on this occasion is entitled ‘From 2004 to 2014. Ten years of typography in Spain’.

Valencia’s best interior design

The furniture sector has for many decades, with a few ups and downs inherent in any industrial sector, had great importance among companies of the Valencian Community. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Valencia also is one of Spain’s leading cities in interior design. The activities of its Colegio de Diseñadores de Interior de la Comunidad Valenciana (Association of Interior Designers of the Autonomous Community of Valencia), enjoy wide international recognition and bring together a great number of interior designers.

Welcome to Valencia Mr. Peter Lim

The future of the Valencia CF, the most important sporting institution of the Valencian Community, and without a doubt, one of the most renowned all around Spain, owing to the large number of fans it has come by over the years, will be written from Singapore, starting June 2014. Reason being no other than the arrival of multimillionaire Peter Lim in Valencia. Lim is the new owner of the club, after an agreement with the Fundación Valencia CF, trust of the club, and Bankia, the entity with which the Valencia CF still has a huge debt.

Jazz in the spotlight of Valencia’s music scene

Between 28 June and 15 July, Valencia’s Palau de le Música will once again host the by Valencian fans most anticipated Jazz event of the year, the Seagram’s Gin Festival. This year, the festival has increased the number of concerts (elven in total), while reducing the ticket prices (which are between 10 and 24 euros), in order to attract even more citizens.

Tour of Javier Goerlich’s residential architecture

Until 30 May, the Colegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Valencia (CTAV – Professional association of architects of Valencia) will show a collection of architectural drawings by famous Valencian architect Javier Goerlich in its exhibition hall. The exhibition focuses on Goerlich’s residential architecture between 1924 and 1942.

Valencia pays tribute to the liberation of Paris

Until 4 July, the cultural centre Las Naves will dedicate an exhibition to the graphic novel ‘Los surcos del azar’, the latest work by screenwriter and illustrator Paco Roca (born in Valencia 1969). The Valencian designer MacDiego is curator of the exhibition.

Javea to host exhibition dedicated to Lambert family

From mid July, four different sites will show the exhibition ‘The Lamberts, European scholars in Marina Alta’ in Javea, Alicante. More than 400 works owned by Mila Boutan, a relative of the Lamberts will be displayed at La Casa del Cable, la Casa de Tena, Fundación Cirne and Museo Soler Blasco.

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