Founded in 1987 to provide both local and foreign students with an international education based on the British curriculum, Caxton College has gone on to become a highly recognised centre of educational excellence.

This private and co-educational school takes children from toddlers right through to high school graduation, offering them a high-standing level of schooling in both English and Spanish. A modern facility inaugurated in 2008 offers bright, comfortable classrooms along with top-notch facilities such as chemistry, physics and biology labs, music rooms, a computer centre and a host of other specialised resources.

Together with carefully selected staff and a philosophy aimed at quantitative and qualitative excellence, it amounts not just to a first-class education but is designed to prepare young people for entry into leading universities and colleges around the world. But the Caxton College aims to do more than simply arm its students with factual knowledge and technical skills.

The ethos, as set out by its founders the Gil Marqués family, also places great value on the development of the mind, spirit and body, so included in the curriculum are a wide range of sports and cultural activities ranging from football, tennis, rugby, swimming, basketball, ballet, chess and gymnastics to music, theatre, art and exposure to practical skills such as cooking.

In addition to providing first-class tuition and facilities in support of the above, the school also provides an international environment for its students whilst simultaneously grounding them in the culture, customs and traditions of Spain and the Valencia region. To this end, bilingualism and cultural integration into Spanish life are promoted, as is a sound understanding of other cultures and regions of the world.

The ultimate aim of the college is to send young adults into the world that are knowledgeable, well rounded, confident and equipped to step into an increasingly global environment. This is seen as a great advantage for both the Spanish and international students at the Caxton College, and with the sea, mountains and downtown Valencia just a few kilometres away, they find themselves in enviable surroundings.

Many of the people that buy properties in the Valencia area already have children enrolled at Caxton College, though for those entering the area and wishing to be located near a fine school that offers international options for their children, we are in a position not just to find quality homes nearby but can also assist in achieving placement at the school. We know how important this is to parents and we’re happy to be able to help, thanks to our longstanding reputation in the area, and special Agent Agreement with the college in particular.

Follow the link for information on Caxton College’s Summer 2012 courses, English and Spanish as a foreign language, football and tennis campus.

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