The Valencian architect Fran Silvestre has once again collaborated with the Castellón firm Porcelanosa Grupo, on this occassion through the new showroom for L’Antic Colonial, one of the brands belonging to the company with headquaters in Villarreal.

Silvestre has designed this two bedroom hotel, counting on a colaboration with Alfaro Hofmann for the interior design, which suggests new steps in both the design studios’ direction, following the completion of different residential projects including offices (the new Aguas de Valencia headquaters) as well as commercial premises like the Bodega Vegemar wine bar and shop in the city of Valencia.

Fran Silvestre’s studio has focused the L’Antic Colonal project with the purpose of a serialised production, in the style of product design. The concept of the space, design of the furniture and finishes gives the new showroom a coherent atmosphere, emphasised by the use of vinyl material on the floors and walls, that provides continuity of the different spaces. A black translucent glass cube houses storage space and frames the bathroom. The use of a minimal number of features in the project allows a fast execution in the work, a simple maintenance and an easy standardisation.

This showroom marks a new collaboration between Porcelanosa Grupo and Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, architect studio based in Valencia with an important internationalisation. Fran Silvestre has been nominated for awards of international significance like the German Design Award or Archdaily’s Building of the Year, as well as having been awarded with a Red Dot Award, thanks to his Casa del Acantilado project.