Amongst the professionals currently working in the ceramics sector (an innovative product) in the Valencian Community, one name deserves special mention, Juan Carlos Iñesta, who is in charge of the company Domanises. Over the last two decades, while being actively involved in projects such as giving educational classes in his studio in Manises, as well as thanks to his collaborations with students on the Design and Product Design course at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, coordinated by Prof. Manual Martínez Torán, Iñesta has produced some of the most innovative designs using ceramic.One of these collaborations resulted in the exhibition “Retorno del sentimiento” (Return to feeling) at the Centro de Artesanía de la Comunidad Valenciana. One of his latest projects, together with the Valencian design studio Mr. Simon, led to “Dos pavos”, a reinterpretation of the classic piggy-bank.

Xavier Monsalvatje, born in Godella, a small town close to Valencia in1965, represents one of the key figures in  revolutionizing the Valencian ceramics tradition. With the language of comic books as reference, Monsalvatje works with the brush painting technique. He mainly uses blues on white clay, in line with the traditional practice from Manises, one of the birthplaces of this craft at the beginning of the 20th century. Important references used in Monsalvatje are reminiscent of cinema classics as well as distinct graffiti elements, particularly stand out.

In the Castellón area, the work of the company Art Antic L’Alcora has caught a lot of attention, also being awarded with the Premio Nacional de Artesanía this year. The company combines traditional craftsmanship with research, development and innovation, and has been especially highlighted for its use of new technologies for the process of manual production, as well as for its corporate social responsibility. Until 31 January their work will be on display at the Galería  Pictograma de Castellón.

As we return to Valencia itself, Limonceramics, a newly-established company by two industrial designers, Kumi Furió and Rosa Bou, that specialises in ceramic product design for the home, sometimes in combination with other materials such as leather. Their designs can be found in various places around Valencia, including the Dadá library in the Museo de la Ilustración y la Modernidad (MUVIM). Limoceramics has collaborated on limited editions with graphic designers and illustrators such as de Milimbo, Laura Castelló and Marcos Caparrós.

Last but not least it is worth mentioning the name of Vicent Roda, native to the Valencian municipality of Benaguassil and graduate of  Art History. Roda has on various occasions been recgonised for competitions and prestigious awards, such as the Premio Internacional de Cerámica Contemporánea (CERCO) o el Concurso Nacional de Cerámica de Valladolid.

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