Sargadelos is one of Europe’s most distinctive porcelain companies, with more than two hundred years of history it is closely linked to the development of Galician art and creativity.

This renowned art brand emerged in the early nineteenth century when Antonio Raimundo Ibáñez launched an initiative to convert Galicia’s rich clays into innovative chinaware, and so was born an earthenware house that was entirely unique and instantly recognisable. The atelier soon became synonymous with Galicia and the pieces it created bore the vibrant colours and distinctive motifs of the region.

Its products stand out for the exquisite craftsmanship applied in the process of manufacturing each of its pieces. All of its ceramics, figures and jewellery in hard porcelain are decorated and finished by hand after leaving the kilns at its factories in O Castro, A Coruña. Today Sargadelos creations continue to be unique thanks to their unique colours, genuine typography and exclusive moulds, the result of the talent of modern Galician artists as outstanding as Luis Seoane and Isaac Díaz Pardo.

We are delighted to have so many original pieces of these outstanding works on display at Citania, including unique artwork that was specially commissioned for us. These vibrant pieces add life and lustre to communal areas such as foyers and hallways, where they bring a typically Galician brand of artistry and creativity to already elegant spaces.

Conceived by the artists to perfectly complement our stylishly designed interiors, these artworks by Sargadelos really put the finishing touch to the luxury residences at Citania in the heart of A Coruña.