Granite RockA home made from granite is a home made well – and if it’s made from Galician granite then you can rest assure that it’s rock-solid.

The geology of Galicia has endowed it with one of the finest building granites in the world. Used in construction and architectural elements since the earliest of times, it can be seen in the grand mansions, country estates, public buildings and even traditional farmer’s cottages of the region.

Galician granite is what gives many a classical building its gravitas and elegance, but it is equally popular and at home with modern structures, be it in the form of large public edifices or private villas, for it works well with volume, design and combines beautifully with materials such as glass, steel and plaster.

Solid as a rockThis is also the case at the stylish Citania residence of exclusive city apartments in the heart of A Coruña, where this local material has been proudly used not just as cladding on top of concrete or other inferior materials – as is often the case – but as the actual building stone!

It is a fact that makes Citania unique in this day and age, harking back to an earlier era of quality, craftsmanship and solidity that has almost entirely disappeared. As a result, you will not find a residential structure more solidly built and boasting better qualities than Citania, which proudly wears the local Galician granite known as Rosa Porriño.

Much in demand throughout the world, it is exported to Italy, France, the USA, Japan, Russia, China and the Middle East, where it is used in luxury details and the finest construction. Named after the little town of O Porriño, near Vigo, it is a valuable export product with a growing international fame and market – especially among those who appreciate quality that can be moulded into the most alluring shapes and forms.