As a port city endowed with a strategic position, A Coruña has always been at a crossroads of travel and transport, yet in modern times too it finds itself at the heart of a transport and communications network that provides easy contact links with cities across Spain, Europe and the Americas.

Within A Coruña itself, busses, taxis and summer trams offer a quick and convenient form of travel in a compact city where large parts of the centre are also within walking or cycling distance. Those arriving by aeroplane at the city’s own Alvedro airport will find easy and economical public transport linkages to the city, as well as a reasonable visitor-friendly driving environment that is relatively free of major congestions if they decide to rent a car.

The latter is particularly advisable should you have the time to visit the pretty villages, stunning coastline and beautiful green countryside surrounding the city. While essentially a regional airport with flights to different parts of Spain, A Coruña’s airport also offers a direct link to Lisbon and Heathrow airports, while the nearby international airport of Santiago de Compostela (around 45 minutes drive) is connected to destinations across Spain and Europe.

A Coruña’s main railway station, the Estación de San Cristóbal, is located conveniently close to the main bus terminal, providing a further link to surrounding towns and cities. The national railway company RENFE operates a full schedule of rail services from San Cristóbal, including the high-speed AVE trains running from the city to Santiago de Compostela and Ourense, both in Galicia. The line will soon connect A Coruña and Vigo, the two largest cities in Galicia, and it won’t be long before the local AVE network connects with Madrid and links in to the large Spanish and European high-speed train route system.

Already well connected to destinations across Spain and Europe, the port city of A Coruña is also becoming increasingly linked to cities within the Americas, where large communities of Galician descendants reside, forming a natural linkage across the continents.