When two great names join forces it’s likely that something truly memorable will result. That is certainly true of this rare collaboration between the world’s most famous distiller of brandy and Erté, Russia’s Master of Art Deco.

Born Roman Petrovich Tyrtov in Saint Petersburg in 1892, Erté (who gained his nickname from the French pronunciation of his initials) moved to Paris in 1910 to train as a designer and soon gained a name as a leading exponent of Art Deco. After a few years his stock had risen so dramatically that Louis B. Mayer invited him to Hollywood in 1925 to design sets and costumes for the silent movie, Paris.

Erté lived until 1990 and took pleasure in his work until the end. He once memorably said, “Look at me, I’m in another world – a dream world that invites oblivion. People take drugs to achieve such freedom from their daily cares. I’ve never taken drugs. I’ve never needed them. I achieve a high through work.”

It’s no surprise that Courvoisier was so keen to link its name to that of this peerless designer. Initially released in 1988 and sought by collectors and investors worldwide, this set of seven exquisite decanters – each featuring a different scene – represents a rare opportunity to own one of Courvoisier’s oldest and most exclusive reserves, contained in a bottle that is a work of art.

The brandy, created by Courvoiser’s Master Blender, Jean-Marc Olivier, will be displayed in a gorgeous set of glass decanters, designed and signed by Erté, a fine exponent of Russian artistic excellence.

Only eight sets of decanters are available, making this a rare opportunity to invest in these two great names.