Winner of three Michelin stars, the Valencian chef Quique Dacosta is one of the international leaders in creative cuisine, and his Quique Dacosta Restaurante in Dénia acts as a shining example of this.

In the world of creative cuisine, the areas of research and experimentation are key for pursuing new forms of gastronomic expression, and so the importance and care afforded to Studio de Creatividad – a new space with a well-defined identity developed by Quique Dacosta via the project Food Design Lab – are hardly surprising. Through factors such as design and innovation, this project aims to invest in gastronomic research which will later be reflected in the dishes offered by the Valencian chef in his seasonal menus.

The space established in collaboration with Porcelanosa Kitchens – area focused on kitchens belonging to the Villarreal-based company – is multifunctional, boasting a design characterised by the openness of its doors: the space is undoubtedly more practical with the doors open, yet inversely, more futuristic with them closed. The focus stems from “Los paisajes de Dacosta”, a concept developed by the Valencian chef and applied to a space where the boundaries between floor, ceiling and walls fade, offering a complementary sensory experience to the food with complete control over aspects such as sound and lighting.