view of the main facade of the mansion$30 million. That’s the amount that American multi-millionaire David Siegel has finally raised to finish his incomplete residential project, which is situated in Orlando and aspires to become the largest mansion in the world. “Versailles” (the inspiration for the project isn’t hard to guess) occupies more than 8300m2 (The White House has barely 4900m2) in the exclusive area of Windermere, close to Orlando, Miami. The project was put on hold in 2009 due to economical problems within Siegel’s business Westgate Resorts – the largest holiday resort developer in the world. As soon as the project is finished, Siegel will move into the mansion with his wife, Jackie (ex-model and Miss Florida 1990), their eight children and their five dogs.

 Once completed, Siegel’s new mansion will include a two storey wine cellar with capacity for 20,000 bottles, a skating rink, a bowling alley, a spa, three swimming pools (one Olympic sized and another with salt water), 11 kitchens, 23 bathrooms and a garage with parking space for 23 cars. One of many other rooms, the 1200m2 Grand Hall will be 36m long, accessed by two palatial staircases and topped with a 12m high glass dome.

A Versailles in OrlandoThe mansion will also feature two home cinemas, a baseball pitch and two tennis courts, as well as sweeping gardens inspired, of course, by Versailles. The residential complex was previously on sale, still during construction, with a value of approximately $75 million (€61 million or £48 million).

The complicated process of the mansion’s construction was captured in the documentary film “The Queen of Versailles“. Millionaire Siegel and his wife were not happy with the film and accused the programme’s managers of “caricaturing them” through a derogatory television portrayal.


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