The relationship between innovation and food has been the driving force behind modern Spanish cooking’s world leader status. Figures such as Ruscalleda, Arzak, Berasategui, the Roca brothers and Adrià have all been responsible for this avant-garde cuisine.

The latter, Ferran Adrià, is the author of some of the texts included in the ‘Tapas’ catalogue, an exhibition exploring the close links between design and food through over 200 items. In terms of cuisine and everything associated with it, the design succeeds in delivering innovative solutions to technical or functional problems. ‘Tapas’ takes us on a journey which traverses the history between food and design, showing us objects which over time have become essential in the home. Two excellent examples are the oil cruet developed by Rafael Marquina and the innovative Minipimer, designed by Gabriel Lluelles.

Throughout ‘Tapas’ we get to see designs brought to life not only by experts such as Antoni Arola, Óscar Tusquets, Jaime Hayón, Martín Azúa, Curro Claret and Javier Mariscal, but also by young professionals and studios including Daniel Gantes, Alberto Arza, Joan Rojeski and La Mamba. Valencian designers are also well-represented at the exhibition, with designs by Ximo Roca, Héctor Serrano, Nadadora and Daniel Nebot. The exhibition has a section dedicated to food design whereby different foods are turned into raw materials for testing, giving rise to creations conceived by Luis Eslava, Reyes Mora, Andreu Carulla and Papila studio.

‘Tapas’ is a project which has been endorsed by Acción Cultural Española and headed by Juli Capella, one of the main promoters of Spanish design through different publications (Ardi) and exhibitions, in which she has also received the support of Quim Larrea on various occasions. ‘Tapas’ can currently be visited in Valencia’s Centro del Carmen.