Euroluce the lighting expo that runs alongside the Il Salone del Mobile di Milano, was celebrated in the Italian city a few weeks ago. The expo gathers up-and-coming international talent in this sphere of design in which various Valencian business have participated, such as David Dolcini, Italian creator that made Valencia his base a few years ago. Dolcini is a designer that also takes the role of artistic director, as well as designing lighting fixtures and furniture. As Project Manager of the company Luceplan, Dolcini, brought his latest project Garbí, a wall lamp that combines design and sculpting, and reflects sunlight in Valencia buildings.

The Valencian firm Massmi has taken advantage of this latest of Euroluce to introduce Plussmi, a new line coordinated by the designer Ximo Roca (creator of the brand). Plussmi is characterised by light creations from designers and studios such as Enblanc, Jorge Pensi, Martin Azua, Cerocuadrado, Nacho Timon, Silvia Ceñal or Ximo Roca himself. An example of this new line is The Chosen One, a lamp that can also be used as a container for small objects, with two interior lights that highlight the objects.

Two other Valencian lighting companies, stood out at this year’s Euroluce expo. The first one being LZF lamps, who presented amongst its debut pieces Banga, the studio’s latest collaboration with Yonoh, an original and colouristic take on the traditional parasol. The second company was Mantra, whose stand was filled with new designs by the creators Hugo Tejada (Alborán, Take lamps) and Santiago Sevillano (Jazz, Nido and Manta).