Wedding invitation cardWhen drawing up a design of invitations for a special event, such as a wedding, baptism, communion or any other kind of reception, we almost always resort to use the classical cream-coloured card with English calligraphy and one or several folds. However, there exist multiple possibilities to announce that important event in our lives, making the invitation card become a present itself for the recipient and giving an added emotional value to an element that otherwise would be just an announcement.

Alia Designs‘ founders created this company after having looked for the perfect invitation card in a family wedding and realising that there was not any wide range to choose from. They focused their research on ancient invitations sent by Kings and Maharajas to call their guests which have endured through time. Hand-painted silks with different colours, brocades, pearl and precious stone inlays, tanned leather, fine wood boxes and exotic flowers are some of the materials used in these ancient cards. This is the reason why they considered the idea of designing the perfect card for each wedding, the one that would undoubtedly transmit the happiness and importance of sharing that event with their guests. After such a success they decided to create Alia Designs.

Invitation card with orchid

This is a world where communication has changed and correspondence is now an endangered art. However, in ancient times it used to be an important way of maintaining social relationships. Today technology enables us to have a faster and easier communication, but also much colder. If you need to transmit an emotion, the usage of this kind of companies for special events is a great idea, since customised services are their first added value and the best results will spring from personal interviews in which information exchange is the key. The more information the company has about the event we want to organise and our taste, the accurate will be the design.

Invitation card in white

Alia Designs is used to create the perfect invitation for royal families, Presidents, politicians, large companies and, of course, private weddings, baptisms and any kind of important social events, even birthdays. It is essential contacting the company some time beforehand to develop the idea, designing it and sending it in time. Several craftsmen will take part in the handmade drawing-up to give the card a unique touch always appreciated by the most discerning clients, and our invitation will become not only a masterpiece, but also the best of the best mementos for one of the most important events in our life.

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