In a world of luxury hotels, designer destinations and opulent resorts there are places that still conjure up the sense of perfect escape. The collection of Welcome Beyond offers a series of seductive options that redefine the concept of destination.

Vineyard Retreat, Martha’s Vineyard

Those who appreciate understated style in suave surroundings will love this hotel-with-a-difference in Martha’s Vineyard. Just a short stroll from its famous sandy beaches, it offers a boutique experience built around a tastefully renovated church. However well travelled you may be, very few people can say they have stayed at a church – much less a picture-perfect colonial New England style one.

The setting is equally iconic, set in the heart of classic countryside that includes beaches, dunes, lagoons, lakes, golf and, of course, sailing. Owner Lisa, who created this stylish retreat, says her favourite times are spring and fall, when it’s still warm, there are fewer tourists around and the world around you takes on beautiful hues of rich colour.

One Eleven, Bali

For Bali with a difference, One Eleven offers a distinctly modern twist that blends the sophistication of advanced architectural styling with the special ambience of this Indonesian island paradise. Wood, water and Zen still feature prominently, but here in combination with clean, rightangled spaces that are also perfectly made for inner peace, luxurious relaxation and even reflection.

One Eleven provides the kind of villa experience that comes with complete concierge services and makes you want to take the property – and friendly staff – back home afterwards.

Istanbul Lofts

Lofts are maybe more closely associated with New York, but in Istanbul they take on a further dimension that mirrors the melange of modern and ancient that characterises this fascinating metropolis on the shores of the Bosporus. More refined and urban than a hotel room, a shabby chic loft apartment like this has all the ingredients to please the style conscious, while also making you feel more ‘at home’.

What’s more, you’re surrounded by the real Istanbul – and even have a stylish pad to invite others to. Istanbul Lofts offers a modern way to get close to the true fabric of a city where East meets West.

Tenuta Potenti, Italy

It may look like a desert outpost of the French Foreign Legion, but don’t worry, there will be no reveille to awake you from your slumbers first thing in the morning. Instead, expect the kind of earthy refinement that speaks of advanced tastes whilst also connecting you to the surroundings. This being Southern Italy, these consist of peaceful beaches, olive groves and sleepy little villages offering the very definition of simple but- gorgeous cuisine.

With the clear blue waters of a cove nearby punctuated by light tan earth and blue skies, this is pure Mediterranea – here presented in a stylishly authentic and low-key manner that recalls the best of Mediterranean Italy.

This article was published in Villae International Magazine 9, the official magazine of EREN – The European Real Estate Network. You can also read the online version of the printed Villae International Magazine 9.