Are you visiting Valencia and want to discover the city in a different way? You do not want to walk or use public transport? Then Valenbisi is for you! Since June 2010, the city has offered a public bicycle rental system available 24 hours a day where approximately 2,750 bikes can be rented from the 275 stations located around Valencia.

This service in Valencia is not the first within Europe: similar facilities are offered in other major cities like Paris with Vélib and in Vienna with Citybike Wien. The bike is a very attractive means of transport for many reasons but primarily it is an alternative ecological method of transportation, which contributes in reducing pollution within urban areas. You can visit the city in an environmentally friendly way, thus helping Valencia to promote sustainable development as well as reducing CO2 emissions.

A further advantage of this bicycle service is the flexibility and comfort it offers due to the many self-service stations and bike lanes located throughout Valencia and it is very easy to obtain the bike card, either individually or in combination with other public transport links. Everything is very quick and easy, as the bikes can be removed within seconds from the bike stations with a secure PIN card system as well as it being very fast to return.

This Valenbisi bike rental system offers two simple and cheap card options. The first one, a short-term card, allows you to enjoy the service for a week. At a cost of only ten euros, this card is perfect for tourists visiting the city for only a few days. The second card, a long-term card, costs only eighteen euros for an annual subscription. With both cards, the first thirty minutes of use are always free. This is an ideal means of transport for making short trips around town, going from one site to another or travelling between home and work. Especially during festivals, such as the Las Fallas, this method of transport is an ideal way to avoid traffic jams as well as the subways and buses, which are very busy during this period.

Always respecting the highway code to ensure complete safety, Valenbisi is an ideal way of travelling, whether you are a tourist or a permanent resident.

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