Though born in Alcalá La Real, in the province of Jaén in Andalusia, Victoria Cano Pérez has become very closely associated with Valencia, the city where she has been living and working since first arriving as a young student in 1978.

Indeed, in her chosen mediums of painting and engraving Victoria Cano has earned a prominent reputation that transcends any one location and has seen her win a string of awards and be invited to exhibit at top international exhibitions. In 2008, she was selected to represent Spain at the prestigious Olympic Fine Arts exhibition in Beijing.

Having graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1981, Victoria won a grant to further her studies at none other than the Spanish Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. To work and learn in such an environment was clearly inspirational, for the artist has maintained a strong connection with the Eternal City throughout her career.

Other courses and exhibitions took her through Europe, to Paris, Milan and Madrid, yet though the connection with Rome remained strong Valencia was always to be her home. It was also at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia that she got her doctorate in fine arts, eventually joining the teaching cadre as a lecturer a year later. Awards and international exhibitions followed one another in rapid succession, the product of a prodigious body of work and an ability to masterfully communicate – both in words and on canvas – the thoughts and emotions that fire her artistic inspiration.

A recurring theme in the past 20 years has been her focus on the interrelationship between both natural and man-made conduits of energy. As a result, her work fascinates with its treatment of subject matter such as wind, water, magma and the evolving states of matter within the natural environment. Imagery, impressions and metaphors shape her oeuvre, which continues to find appreciation among an international clientele and within academic artistic circles.