The Valencian company Mariner, which last year celebrated its 120th anniversary, was present again this year at the collaborative initiative for interior décor and furniture design ‘Nos vemos en Valencia’, or ‘See you in Valencia’. Held in Feria Valencia from 11 to 14 February, the event combined under one roof the fairs Hábitat, Cevisama and Fimma-Maderalia which displayed the latest bathroom fixtures, light pieces and furniture designs.

The Valencian company made the most of their presence at the latest Feria Hábitat to exhibit some of their recent pieces for their ‘Classic’ and ‘Gallery’ collections. The former collection enabled visitors and the press alike to view Mariner’s new and mostly Empire-inspired designs, featuring handcrafted inlays and gold leaf finishes. For their Gallery collection, the Valencian-based company took the opportunity to exhibit some of the latest trends alongside the key concepts which have helped to shape their successful trajectory; craftsmanship, design and tradition. Strong art deco influences stood out in these new pieces presented at Hábitat Valencia, the goal being for Mariner’s brand to incorporate itself into the latest creations in the world of luxury furniture design.  Jorge Mariner, Chief Commercial Officer of the Valencian firm expressed his satisfaction in light of the reception of these new collections, “especially the Gallery collection, which is enjoying considerable growth in Western markets and even in other more traditional markets.”

Mariner particularly appreciated the combining of the three fairs in one location, as Jorge Mariner explained, “it creates a synergy between the three sectors and grants us the opportunity to address a certain type of visitor with a different profile to those visiting just interior decor fairs.” Regarding the product distribution focus, a few years ago Mariner began to orientate their marketing strategy in this direction, making this new kind of fair “work perfectly with our approach”, Jorge Mariner explained, adding that last year’s fair drew in “numerous experts in product distribution, in particular from Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Ghana and Nigeria), Eastern Europe (Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Poland), and countries from the Arab world including Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.”