There are many well-known Spanish brands that have earned a reputation on the world stage, but among these Fermax stands out as an international brand of excellence noted not only for its technological innovation and advanced design, but also as a successful family-owned business run along sound business principles.

Founded in 1949 by Fernando Maestre, Fermax entered the market with the launch of the Interphone Radio, an innovative radio intercom that was ahead of its time and would prove to be the first in an ever-evolving line of sophisticated intercom and electronic door entry systems. By the early 1960s the Fermax brand was well established, and years of technological development showed in a product line that was expanding from its strong base in the Spanish market to become a truly international name.

A coup for the company was the close collaboration it would develop with Ramón Benedito, an award-winning industrial designer who had also worked for the likes of Rank Xerox, Fujitsu, Carlsberg and Henkel. The marriage of his innate design skill to the technically advanced products of Fermax would result in one of the company’s greatest successes, the T-1 Wall Telephone, of which millions would be made both in Spain and abroad. An icon of 70s design, it has even earned its place in the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid.

Since then, the new evolutions and products have come thick and fast from a company that continues to thrive within a highly competitive and innovation-led industry. Indeed, in expanding across the globe from its Valencia base, Fermax has established itself among the world’s leading brands in Audio/Video Door Entry and Access Control Systems. Today, the firm maintains its international headquarters and production centre in Valencia, but in addition to offices in countries such as the UK, France, Russia, UAE, India, Singapore and China it also has distributors in another 65 other states across the world, ensuring a truly global reach for a company that has its origins in the coastal town of Jávea, and puts much of its success down to good old-fashioned level-headed business sense.