Three million euros per vehicle. This the price for the ‘Sergio’ concept car (limited to just six units); Ferrari’s homage to the legendary Italian car designer Sergio Pininfarina (Turin, 1926). Inspired by 1960s racing cars, the ‘Sergio’ concept is based on Ferrari’s 450 Spider model, benefitting from part of the mechanics such as the V8 engine with 570 horsepower and a sequential gearbox with seven gears which can reach a top speed of 320km/hour (from 0 to 100km/hour in 3.4 seconds).

By removing the windscreen, the Ferrari Sergio achieves better results with regards to aerodynamics, beating the 450 Spider by 5%. Interesting features include the interior panels of the front doors of the car and the personal helmets that can be customised to match the colour of the bodywork. Many other aspects of the interior of the ‘Sergio’ model are borrowed from other models of the Italian sports car company, such as the instrumentation, the steering wheel and the dashboard.