Jorge Peteiro, the celebrated neo-expressionist painter and sculptor from A Coruña died last year, and his work now is considered a reference of modern Galician art.

Peteiro studied cinema, drawing and painting in his homeland and went on to take his degree at the San Carlos School of fine arts in Valencia. From 1973 to 1977, he participated in independent theatre groups, creating one of the first fanzines in the city of A Coruña, where he painted his first posters.

He became a rising star in the local art scene beginning in the 1970s with his vivacious art characterised by colour, the use of which is inspired by nature and life. It is a reflection of his belief in Maximalism or ‘more is more’- the opposite of the ‘less is more’ doctrine made famous by mid-century architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Although his oeuvre typically reflects Galicia, Peteiro has travelled around Italy, France and Spain, lived and worked in Valencia and in 1990 moved to New York. Having drawn much artistic influence from these locations and experiences, he finally returned to his hometown in 1992.

In the mid 1990s his personal style really began to evolve and, as he grew in popularity, he became known as one of the leading Galician artists.

The popular appeal of his art can be contributed to Peteiro’s use of vibrant primary colours, attractive scenes and his inclusion of detailed and fascinating elements in his paintings that suggest a vivid imagination and yet a candidly, uncomplicated simplicity to his sketches and designs.

His works are often landscapes depicting scenes of his beloved A Coruña, with its churches, steeple towers, lighthouse and monuments, but with the added fantasy of giant shooting stars, whimsical trees, fantasy flying saucers and giant birds.

Peteiro’s pieces have found their way into many museums and private collections, as well as being a popular sight in A Coruña.

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