Amongst the many popular tourist attractions and ‘must see’ places to visit in the city of A Coruña, the one topping most travel charts year in year out is the panoramic glass lift that offers extraordinary views over the whole city, skyline and horizon. It provides a unique way to see the city and its surroundings from an entirely different angle and can be both a peaceful and reflective observation spot as well as a fun and exciting trip for children and families.

The ball-shaped elevator, made entirely out of glass departs from the Paseo Marítimo by the Millenium monument, slowly ascends over 100 metres to the Mount of San Pedro, offering unparalleled vistas out over the Atlantic Ocean.

From here you can admire the long, unspoilt beaches stretching out either side of the town and spot landmarks such as the famous Tower of Hercules in the distance. On clear days, the visibility is fabulous, making a trip on the elevator a great opportunity to take panoramic shots of A Coruña and the jaw-dropping landscape as the sea glistens all around in the dazzling sunshine.

For those who don’t want to exert themselves too much but are keen to enjoy this stunning view, this is the ideal excursion to take as the lift can elevate you to the top of the mount and return you straight back to the promenade again. Alternatively, those who want to explore the higher ground of the city and fancy a leisurely stroll back down the mountain can simply buy a single ticket to the summit and casually make their own way back down through the paths, taking in the wonder and beauty of the city at a relaxed pace.

However you choose to visit A Coruña, an expedition in the glass lift is a must and promises to be an experience you won’t want to forget!