From 31 August to 15 September this year Sueca will be the scene of the annual Fiesta del Arroz, a veritable feast for lovers of food, fun and culture. Situated along the coastline just south of Valencia, this town of around 25,000 people borders the Natural Park of La Albufera, a wetland area known for its waterways, its birdlife and above all, for being one of the two most important rice growing regions in Europe.

The Albufera provides ideal conditions for rice growing, the main ingredient around which this region’s famous staple, paella, is built. As a town synonymous with both rice and paella, it is only natural that Sueca should create a festival around these two regional specialities. The fact that the town’s Feria (fair) falls in September too simply adds to a sense of occasion at a time of year when Sueca is one of the best places to be.

Set close to the beaches that extend southwards from Valencia to Denia and Jávea on the northern Costa Blanca, the town is also close to the unique landscape and ecosystem that is the Albufera, with its lagoons, its warren of waterways and the tradition thatched houses of fishermen. It is from this well-drained area that the fine quality varieties of rice come that are so integral to paella and other local rice dishes.

This tradition and gastronomic expertise is celebrated during the Feast of Rice, when the town organises informational events, workshops, tasting sessions and even art exhibitions dedicated to this traditional product. Local folklore, dance, culture and also the agrarian heritage of the region are entwined into the event, along with the typical revelry of a Spanish town feria, including fire works, live entertainment and the preparing of a massive paella as part of the 52nd Concurso Internacional de Paella Valencia de Sueca, when the town’s rice really comes to its delicious culmination.

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