The Giorgetti Company is an exclusive manufacturer of finely crafted furniture in the finest of Italian tradition. Founded in 1898 in the little northern Italian town of Meda, this family business is in many ways typical of its genre, with much emphasis placed on the workmanship, design, quality and tradition that has brought forth a well-respected name, and that typifies furniture houses in this segment of the market.

Such descriptions create a picture of painstakingly made classical antiques and decorative pieces by a company whose spirit seems to belong to another era, but while Giorgetti qualifies on all traditional scores for bespoke quality, design, craftsmanship and the tradition that comes with a longstanding name in top quality furniture, this is a company very much at the forefront of design and technology.

A look at Giorgetti’s broad range of products confirms this more strongly than any description could, for this is most definitely a stylish designer collection of our times. Modern quality and style ooze off the lush sofas, tables, chairs, desks and cabinets that form the backbone of the company’s product range, solid in their dimensions and strength yet sensual and light in their design.

A legacy of innovation

Giorgetti may have its origins in the late 19th century, as a small family-owned artisan laboratory of cabinetmakers, but it has always been a leader in technical and aesthetic innovation. “It’s true,” says Company President Carlo Giorgetti, “we have always been pioneers in the field of design and production of furniture. This has always been a place where the best designers are gathered to experiment with different materials and shapes to produce pieces that take the functional requirements of furniture to a level where they can be reinterpreted as visual works of art.”

In this search for innovation and the expression of pure design through furniture, everyday items such as chairs, beds, tables and cupboards take on a special role as expressions of taste, interior architecture and lifestyle. As early as the 1920s, the name Giorgetti was synonymous with advanced design married with quality, earning the company an enviable reputation not only in Italy and other parts of Europe, but also in the important American market. “Staying ahead of the mainstream in terms of design and technology has always been our characteristic strength,” says Sr. Giorgetti, “but never at the expense of quality, which remains our single most important criterion.”

Architectural design

One of the things that sets Giorgetti aside is the fact that most of its designers are architects. At first thought the idea of architects designing furniture pieces may seem strange, until you realise that some of the greatest industrial designers have been architects. “Architects bring with them a profound knowledge and pure sense of design that is perhaps more rounded and allows them to conceive of things as diverse as chairs, orange squeezers, cars, shoes, pens, glasses and indeed buildings in a way that is out of the context of the item itself and connected to the greater world around it,” says Antonello Mosca, leading designer at Giorgetti and himself a qualified architect. “By not being cabinetmakers or car engineers ourselves we can bring a sense of freshness to the design of these items, much like the aeronautical engineers who revolutionised car design with the post-war Saabs.”

As architects, these designers bring not only a link to the world of art but through their technical knowledge of materials also aid in the innovative use of new styles and production techniques. “There are two kinds of designers,” says Antonello, “those who design variations of existing styles and those who innovate. To do the latter, and always be at the forefront of developments, requires thinking out of the box and attempting to look at things with fresh eyes and approach them from ever-changing angles.” This continuous process through which the Giorgetti designers put themselves represents true innovation, as it constantly challenges existing principles and seeks to discover new ones.

“Design is a highly conceptual thing,” says Antonello. “It starts as a vision or an idea in your mind, but when you’re working on something that has to be a functional working item it also becomes a very practical issue, as you have to find practical solutions to fit the highly unusual shapes and forms that your imagination has given birth to. This is where our teams at Giorgetti excel, working together to produce pieces that are durable, functional, strong, flexible, easy to use and clean while also being an item of beauty and rare expression that will light up any room.”

Only the best…

To Giorgetti, exclusivity is an issue of form as much as quality. For this reason the company uses only the finest materials; wood, leather, steel and advanced composite materials, but also sets itself the task of creating items that are at once avant-garde and timeless-unique and tasteful expressions of style that stand the test of time rather than merely the product of a passing trend or the seasonal tastes of the masses. “In this we have to be snobs,” says Antonello, “for who can afford quality also wants personality.”

To this end, the company works not just with architects, but seeks out individuals with a passion for conceptual design and a gift for its practical realisation. Among them is Milan-born Massimo Scolari, a visionary in the field of architecture who has worked and taught in companies and at universities across Europe. Another coup was the inclusion of Leon Krier, an award-winning architect of international note who has worked and lectured in Europe and America, and acts as personal advisor to Prince Charles.

Looking at the credentials and careers of such leading designers brings the Giorgetti collections created by them into focus as products not so much of commercialism but of pure design and innovation. Together with other professionals of similar standing they are responsible for a range of products that exemplifies the grace and impact of modern furniture in a way that blends seamlessly into the finest homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and public buildings around the world. This interrelationship between furniture and the space it inhabits represents a harmonious fusion of design and architecture, form and function that truly distinguishes Giorgetti.

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