There is no universal rule stating that functional objects have to be ugly, although some pieces of modern hardware do tend to lack charm.

If visual appeal is as important to you as cutting edge technology then Goldstriker products can help.

Producing items from iPhones and iPods to Play Stations in a combination of gold, Swarkovski crystals and python skin, Goldstriker transforms everyday objects into desirable, high fashion statements.

If you cannot bear to be parted from your cellphone or if the idea of moving thousands of tunes from one iPod to another is just too much, Goldstriker offers an ingenious solution: a personalised plating service. All items submitted for the plating service are disassembled by highly trained technicians, struck with the client’s choice of finish and returned, along with a certificate of authenticity, confirming the use of precious metals.

However, most highly recommended are some items that represent the height of luxury.

Fashionistas, please take note – the iPhone 3GS ‘Supreme’ is a work of art. The casing was created with 271 grams of 22 carat solid gold and 53 flawless diamonds. It is housed in a magnificent chest, fashioned from a single block of granite.

The iPod Touch Supreme is the world’s most expensive. Created with the use of 149 grams of solid 22 carat gold, this is the perfect background against which to display the 300 VVS1 pink diamonds. To describe this exquisite work as a limited edition is an understatement, since only two more will ever be made. If standing out from the crowd is top of your agenda, then this is the piece of technology that will make it happen. Presented in a box of white lacquered wood with a Porsche Nappa leather lining, the iPod Touch Supreme is as beautiful as it is rare.

If you prefer you could give your existing iPhone a makeover with a luxurious python skin cover, which can be fitted over the existing casing by hand.

A final flourish is provided by the brand new, strictly limited edition (only three will ever be made) ‘Tamara Runge’ iPhone wallet. This creation is something special, with a crocodile skin casing embellished with a buckle made from 46 grams of 18- carat gold and trimmed with 35 flawless diamonds, each weighing half a carat.

With unmatched quality and exclusivity, these unique items are the last word in style.

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