If you’re looking for a healthy natural alternative to Coca Cola and other soda drinks, Valencia has long since had the answer. Free of added sugars, preservatives, colorants and artificial flavours, horchata is a refreshing thirst quencher made from nutrient-rich tiger nuts.

This traditional summer drink is available in cafés and outdoor stalls throughout the city and region, and also found in supermarkets, but can now also be made easily and quickly at home thanks to the innovative Chufamix.

Made up of just four easy to use and clean components, the Chufamix idea is as simple as it is clever. Take the cup, fill it with water and then slot the filter base and glass rim into place. Next you fill the filter base with tiger nuts and use the mortar to gently grind the nuts so their flavour and nutrients mix with the water. The filter, which keeps out the solid bits, is then lifted out of the cup ready for an easy rinse down, and you need only stir your drink with a spoon before enjoying its fresh natural sweetness.

Designed, registered and made in Valencia, this simple but clever and easy to use product allows you to make not just horchata, or orxata as it is locally known, but also a host of other natural-based juices. These include almonds, chestnuts, soya, muesli, rice and a range of similar health-based products packed full of nutrients and non-fattening energy. Though perhaps aimed primarily at sportsmen, people on medical treatments or those looking to improve their health or physique, the natural juices are a healthy way to enjoy a refreshing snack without immediately resorting to fizzy drinks.

Popular with young and old in the greater Valencia region, Horchata is just one of the options available, and there is a good supply of natural syrups, honeys, coco, vanilla, cinnamon and natural cane sugars to add spice to the drinks. A great Valencian product with export potential – especially among those parents looking to start their children off to healthy lifestyles.