Biodegradable iPhone covers iNatureIt has been noted that serious technophiles tend not to hang onto their mobile phones for very long but, at the same time, the easily scratched surface of the smart phone requires protection. In all, it contributes to the rapidly growing mountains of plastic being dumped across the globe.

The combination of the short shelf life of the average phone and the fragility of the touch screen has resulted in a curious – but extremely practical – solution that also looks to protect the environment: the biodegradable iPhone cover.

Manufactured by iNature, these soft covers are made from an Italian bio-plastic called Apinat. The company behind this new substance claims that it has, “an increasing commitment in developing products which make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and the greenhouse effect (Kyoto Protocol). This dedication has also led to the development of the APINAT® series of bioplastics derived from renewable raw materials.”

While sufficiently resilient to protect the phone against bumps and knocks it also won’t deteriorate with constant use or when exposed to damp and wet environments. The iNature cover has been designed to retain sufficient rigidity to protect the edges of the display, while iNature iPhone coversincluding access points to the phone’s ports.

When no longer wanted the Apinat iPhone cover should be placed in a compost heap, after which it should biodegrade by over 90 per cent in as little as 180 days! We love the idea; surely this is how things should be made in the 21st century.

The iPhone cover can be ordered direct from the official website and is manufactured in a range of attractive colours: blue, green, orange and lilac. Apart from the classic iPhone model, covers for HTC, Blackberry and Samsung smart phones are also available. A nice idea for a gift…