As a designer and project leader of interior reformation jobs, Rafael Hernani’s passion lies not only in creating leading designs and stunning décors, but also in improving the whole of the property in the process.

It is a surprisingly broad focus for someone who works with interior design, but Rafael himself is quick to point out that though he trained as an interior designer his focus on project management has given him the ability to stand back and view the process as part of a greater whole. “You will especially add to the overall value of a property when you’re renovating an existing property,” says Rafael, “but even when we work on brand new homes our approach is focused on bringing maximum functionality and enjoyment to the interior living spaces – as well as wanting to give added value to the new house as a whole.”

It won’t be surprising to find, then, that Rafael and his colleagues have a somewhat different approach to the conventional interior decorator and stylist. “We look not only at decoration, but design – or in many cases, redesign – of the inside of a home. Often this involves the (re)configuration of a home’s layout, typically in the case of a classic property, where we take down walls to create larger, more elegant rooms, and then dress these according to the client’s needs and wishes.”

With dressing, Rafael means not just furnishing and decorating, but also coming up with ways that make the most of the available space and solve any space constraints or compromises there may be. “This is a very conceptual part of our design, but when coming up with these types of solutions it helps that we work with master craftsmen that can create the finest standard of custom-made carpentry in any possible configuration.”

In addition, they use top brands to create stunning, modern interiors that are transformed into an entirely new living environment. “Though I love to have the freedom of working in a spacious, modern villa, the contrast between classic downtown apartments and modern interiors is particularly effective,” says the man who walks into a room and sees possibilities and spaces others cannot fathom.

This ability, along with a unique brand of avant-garde designs has earned him commissions from many of the region’s wealthiest and most famous people, including football stars such as David Albelda, for whom he is currently renovating a classic property in the city. “We look at the lifestyle and personality of the client first, then build around that, encouraging the client to indulge themselves and create a home that is their ideal living space – not conforming to a general idea of style or lifestyle.”

While he loves working with the fine materials and broad possibilities that a large budget allows, Rafael Hernani says he is equally challenged by smaller, more limited projects where the use of space often requires great creativity. “It is the mix of the two that keeps you on your toes – and maintains the learning curve”, says the man who is always looking for new ways to delight the eye.

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Rafa Hernani, Interiorista

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