From 14 November, the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM) will display a complete retrospective of Toledan painter Rafael Canogar’s work since 1957, the same year in which he became a founding member of the ‘El Paso’ group along with other renowned artists such as Saura and Feito. Canogar belongs to a generation of artists who began their careers in the 1950s as part of the El Paso Group, almost incomparable in their aptitude for Spanish art, including famous names such as Tapies and Chillida.


Although IVAM’s exhibit is set to analyse Canogar’s use of abstract art throughout his artistic career, it will start with his early Art Informel pieces from a time in which the Toledan artist painted directly onto the canvas with his hands, signifying an acrylic trend that helped to introduce Francoist Spain to the international scene.

From 1963 onwards, Canogar began to immerse himself into another artistic style during the Realist art movement, not displayed in the Valencian museum, which earned him the Grand Prize of the São Paulo Art Biennial for his use of new materials. Finally in 1975, the artist returned to his original style of abstract art, the significant driving force behind the exhibition which hopes to become one of Valencia’s most impressive art attractions towards the end of 2013.