Official poster for the Japan Week 2012The International Friendship Foundation (IFF) has chosen Valencia as the official seat of the Japan Week 2012, an international event of cultural and touristic character that intends to convey the Japanese customs, art, music, culture and sport to the Valencians.

The Japan Week that is celebrated in a different country every year, is coming to Valencia after the events of the previous years having taken place in Oporto (Portugal) and Frankfurt (Germany). The city of Valencia and its city council have been very involved in the celebration, creating a wide range of activities, events and acts for the entire programme. The event is very well known in Japan and tends to arouse great interest with numerous sponsors participating that are interested in raising the awareness of the country in the Far East.

Among many of the anticipated activities, the visitors will be able to take part in a tea ceremony. To participate in this tradition, strongly linked to the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, is a truly unique experience. It is an art of which the perfection to carry it out in the most gracious and elegant way possible takes years of practice and learning, and to get involved in it is to fully explore the Japanese culture. During the week visitors will be able to attend different ones, which vary according to the tradition or the region in which they are based. However, a ticket is required to take part in them, so do not forget to obtain one.

Tea ceremonyManga enthusiasts will be able to enjoy them in the Feria Valencia, where the Manga Exhibition will be held on the 24th and the 25th. For those that are more interested in films, the Filmoteca (in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento) will host a film series of Japanese cinema, in which various classic films from the Daiei studios will be shown. The entrance fees will be no more than €1.50 per ticket with a ticket for 10 sessions being €10, so there is no excuse not to watch at least one.

These are just a few of the many exciting events that will take place during the Japan Week 2012, without naming the Martial Arts exhibitions, the cooking exchanges, the art exhibitions and the stage presentations. So, don’t miss it! Between the 24th and the 29th November the Valencians and all those that visit our beautiful city, have a meeting with the country of the rising sun.

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