The inhabitants of every coastal town hope that their local beach will be the recipient of a coveted Blue Flag; visitors like to know that the sand is clean and the sea is pure.

Well, no less than three of Jávea’s beaches have been awarded Blue Flag status, which is excellent news for the local community. The town’s tourism chief, Antonio Miragall and Doris Courcelles, the local councillor charged with the upkeep of the town’s beaches, recently attended a ceremony where the Blue Flag badges were officially handed over.

The three award winning locations are La Grava, El Arenal and La Granadella, while Jávea Yacht Club was also awarded a Blue Flag in that particular category; its chairman, Arturo Miquel, was on hand to receive this acknowledgement of the high standards upheld by the club.

Jávea Yacht Club has done a great deal to promote sailing and the art of seafaring in the local community, and has been particularly active in attracting young people to take up sailing as a hobby. Given Spain’s illustrious history as a seafaring nation, this is a skill to which all of Spain’s citizens should aspire.

Juan Luis Cardona, Jávea’s Councillor for Sports, says: “”We are so close to the sea and have a yacht club that is willing to teach our youngsters how to enjoy it, which is good for the community.

Much publicity has also been given recently to sailing’s status as an eco-friendly sport. In fact, during the recent event held for junior sailors Mayor José Chulvi thanked the club for promoting this “environmentally friendly sport that takes advantage of the area’s natural resources.”

Now that Jávea’s beaches again fly several Blue Flags, locals and visitors alike will be able to enjoy the area’s natural beauty in complete safety.