One year on, and the locality of Jávea, situated on the Costa Blanca in Alicante, has once again placed among the most secure cities in Spain thanks to its low crime levels. This was seen in the past week, when data regarding crime in Jávea in 2014 was presented, noting a percentage of 42.5 crimes for every thousand residents. The city is situated ten points below the percentage of crimes in the province of Alicante (52.15 crimes for every thousand residents), seven points below the percentage in the Valencian Community (49.4 crimes for every thousand residents) and 2.5 points below the national average (45 crimes for every thousand residents). The data shows a continuity in the fall of crime levels in Jávea, as it also indicates 2.5 points less that the data recorded in 2013. The predictions for the current year, according to the maximum levels of security personnel, will increase the continuity of this positive trend.

The data provided by the council of Jávea affirms the importance of security as one of the factors that reinforces this locality’s excellent image and quality life in the eyes of tourists and foreign residents. We cannot forget that 50.11% of recorded residents in Jávea (data supplied by the National Institute of Statistics, according to the 2014 census) come from abroad, with up to 85 nationalities represented in this census. Security, along with the climate, landscape, gastronomy, services and health are some of the keys for understanding the success Jávea maintains, for the foreign buyer. These are factors, to which we should also add the main characteristics of the exclusive properties found in this locality: quality, extraordinary location and attractive price.